How to view the time in multiple countries, in Windows 10

Most of us have friends, coworkers or family members living in other time zones. And since it's hard to keep track of the time in multiple countries around the world, you may end up calling them at an i nappropriate hour. Luckily, you can use the Alarms & Clock app in Windows 10, to check the World Clock, which will display the time in different locations around the world. If you make this check before you call them, you will ensure that you are calling at an appropriate hour. Also, with this app, you can compare different times and view the day/night zones around the world. Here's how to use the World Clock properly, in Windows 10:

Where to find the World Clock in Windows 10

To get to the World Clock, you need to open the Alarms & Clock app first. You can use several ways to open this app and they are all shared in this guide: How to set, edit & remove alarms in Windows 10.

In the Alarms & Clock app, go the World Clock tab. You should find something similar to the screenshot below:

By default, the app will display your local date and time. In the background you'll notice a world map, which will become useful in the following section of this article.

How to view the time for multiple locations around the world, in Windows 10

If you want to view a certain location's time, press the New button in the World Clock tab.

Type the name of the location and choose one of the suggestions shared by the app while typing.

Now, for the chosen location, the app will display the time and the time difference with your local time.

All the locations you add are marked with a dot on the map, in the background. When you press one of the locations you added to the map, the app will zoom in to display the location more precisely.

Another interesting feature of this Alarms & Clock app is the fact that it can display whether it's day or night in different parts of the world. The nighttime will appear shadowed on the map, while the daytime will be displayed brighter.

How to compare the time between different cities across the world

If you want to compare the time between two locations, press the Compare button from the lower menu bar.

At the bottom of the app window, a time bar is shown, where you can select the local time using the slider. At the same time, for the locations you added to the map, the equivalent time is displayed, based on your selection.


As you can see in this guide, the World Clock feature is an interesting addition to the Alarms & Clock app in Windows 10. Besides viewing the time in multiple location across the world, you can compare the time between different locations, view the day/night zones and also display the locations you chose on the map. If you want to learn more about the Alarms & Clock app in Windows 10, read our recommendations below.