How to unlink your Android smartphone from your Windows 10 PC

Did you link your Android smartphone or tablet with your Windows 10 PC and now you want to break this link? You may decide to part either with your Android phone or tablet or with your Windows PC. Maybe you do not use this feature, and you want to get rid of this link. Whatever your reason is, read this guide to learn how to unlink your Android device from your Windows 10 computer(s):

NOTE: This guide covers the link between Android devices and Windows 10. However, you may have also linked your iPhone with Windows 10. If you did that, follow the same procedure for unlinking the two, as it works the same.

How to access the settings for breaking the link between an Android phone or tablet and a Windows 10 PC

The first step is to access the Settings in Windows 10. Click or tap the Start button, and then on the Settings icon.

Start Settings in Windows 10

In the Settings window look for the Phone section and click or tap on it.

Access the Phone window in Windows 10 Settings

You get a new window called Your Phone where you can see all the phones linked to your Windows 10 PC. Here, you can make a choice::

  • Pick the phone that you want to unlink, and unlink it on a particular Microsoft web page. The result is that this phone is unlinked from all the Windows 10 computers associated with your Microsoft account. For this option to work, you need internet access.
  • Unlink this Windows 10 PC from all the phones linked to it. Other links of your Android devices with other Windows 10 devices remain intact.

Depending on what you want, read the next section from this guide or the one after it.

How to unlink an Android smartphone from all the Windows 10 computers linked with it

Let's proceed with the first option and decide to unlink a Galaxy Tab A (2016) tablet with Android from all our Windows 10 computers and devices. It is worth noting that the Android phones and tablets are all listed with the same description (Android), and Windows 10 does not differentiate the way they are treated.

The first step is to click or tap the link that says: "Manage all devices linked to your Microsoft account."

Manage all devices linked to your Microsoft account

Your default web browser starts, and it opens a web page that lists all the devices that you have set up with your Microsoft account. If you are not signed in with a Microsoft account, you are going to be asked to sign in first. Once that is out of the way, all Android phones and tablets are listed as Phones. Identify the device that you want to unlink from your Microsoft account and all Windows 10 computers, and click or tap "Unlink this phone" below its name.

Unlink a phone in your Microsoft account

In the window that pops up, confirm your choice by checking the box "Unlink this mobile phone" and clicking Remove.

Confirm the unlink of a phone in your Microsoft account

Once the unlinking is done, you get a confirmation message. Click or tap Ok.

Your Android device is unlinked from your Microsoft account

Please remember that this phone is now unlinked from all your Windows 10 PC's where you use the same Microsoft account, not only the one from the one on which you started the procedure.

When you return to Settings, the Your Phone section no longer shows the phone that you have unlinked. Please note that it may take a couple of minutes until this information reaches your Windows 10 PC.

The Android devices listed on your Microsoft account

How to unlink a Windows 10 computer from all the Android smartphones linked with it

The other route you can take is to unlink your Windows 10 from all the phones connected to it at once. The advantage of this approach is that you do not need an internet connection when you perform it.

The procedure starts in the same Your Phone window of Windows 10 Settings. This time, look for the link called "Unlink this PC," and click or tap on it.

Unlink this Windows 10 PC

The action is immediate, and all the phones are unlinked from this Windows 10 PC. You are done, and no Android phone can connect to your Windows 10 PC any longer.

Your phone in Windows 10 Settings

Why do you want to unlink your Android phone or tablet from a Windows 10 PC?

The feature provided by Microsoft to link your Windows 10 PC with your Android phone or tablet is not perfect. It works if all you want is to manage the photos and documents from your Android device, on your Windows 10 PC, as shown in this article. Before closing this article, we would like to know why you chose to unlink your phone or tablet from Windows 10, and whether removing the link worked well for you. Comment below, and let's discuss.