How To Uninstall Apps From An Android Device

One of the coolest thing you can do with an Android device - if not THE coolest - is that you can install any number of apps on it. At the same time, you can have installed all the social media apps you use, your personal mobile banking app, the barcode scanner of your choice, your favourite photo gallery app and five or six media players, if that's what you want to go for. You can have as many apps you want, there's really no limit. Or is there? Well, there's no fixed limit to this, but there's always the hardware limit - either the storage space you have available on your device, or the amount of RAM memory your device relies on. Go ahead and install all the apps you think might be of use to you at some point in the future and eventually, your device will run out of storage space or virtual memory and will start to run slower and slower. So what do we do when we find that our device becomes sluggish and unresponsive? The first step is to go through the installed apps list and get rid of the ones that are of little to no use to us anymore. How do you uninstall an app, you're asking? Well, this tutorial is for you. Parse through it to find out how you can uninstall an app you don't need anymore.

NOTE: We used a Google Nexus 5 device running Android 5.1.1 Lollipop. The procedure is similar on all Android powered devices, so you should be good to go even if you're running a different version of Android on your device.

How To Uninstall Apps You Have Installed On Your Android Device

The straightforward way to uninstall an app from your Android smartphone or tablet is through the Settings app, so let's open it up. From the homescreen, tap on the Apps icon on the bottom.

Scroll through the app list until you find the Settings app and tap on it to open it.

Scroll through the list of options until you find the Apps entry in the Personal category and tap on it to go to the apps panel.

Once here, you will see listed all the apps installed on your device, organized in three main sections: Downloaded (all the apps that you downloaded and did not come preinstalled in your device), Running (the ones that are currently running) and All (pretty self-explanatory). Most probably, the app you're trying to uninstall will be found in the Downloaded, so scroll the downloaded apps list until you find it and tap on it to see its details.

On the app details page, you'll see the Uninstall button in the top-right corner of the screen. Tap on it to uninstall the app.

One final confirmation and you're done with the app.

After a few seconds, a small "Uninstall finished" notification appears on the lower side of the screen.

And voila, the app has been uninstalled!


Congratulations! You have just learned how to uninstall any app you decide you don't need on your Android device anymore. Too many unnecessary apps installed on your device will slow it down progressively, so every once in a while, check your installed apps list and see which ones you actually use and which ones you don't need. Luckily, now you'll know how to uninstall them latter.

Thank you for reading our guide! Post any comments and questions you may have below and we'll gladly do our best to help. Also, feel free to browse this section of our website for tutorials on Android-specific common tasks to simplify your daily digital life!