How to stop Windows 10 notifications about automatically generated photo albums

You might have noticed that Microsoft updated their OneDrive storage service so that it can automatically create albums from the photos you have stored in their cloud. Although this kind of auto-generated album might be something you'll like, it's also possible that you don't want them. Fortunately for those of us who already have our photos organized the way we like it, and don't want to see auto-generated albums and notifications, there are solutions to stop this behavior. Here is how to solve this annoying problem when using the Photos app in Windows 10, which is integrated with OneDrive:

What are automatic albums? Why and when are automatic albums generated by OneDrive?

If you own an Android smartphone and use the Google Photos app, you're probably accustomed to automatically created photo albums. This feature has been available for a long while now, and Microsoft noticed that their OneDrive service was lacking the basic options offered in this regard by Google. The automatically generated albums are a step Microsoft made towards improving OneDrive. According to this announcement in a blog post from Microsoft, as of July 22, 2016, OneDrive can detect when you take photos in a "short period of time" and in a "particular location." When this happens, OneDrive selects your best pictures and creates an album with them. Besides that, OneDrive also generates photo albums each Monday morning, from the photos you take over the weekend.

It doesn't matter if you have a smartphone with Android, iOS or Windows 10 Mobile, as long as you backup your pictures to OneDrive, this feature is enabled automatically. When such an automatic photo album is created in OneDrive, and it is ready to be viewed, Microsoft sends you notifications in Microsoft's apps, including the Photos app from Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile.

Windows 10, Photos, generated, album

What the automatic photos albums notifications from Windows 10 look like

First of all, here's what the automatic photo albums notification you get in Windows 10 looks like: "Check out the new album we created for you, including some of your best photos!".

Windows 10, Photos, generated, album

As you can see in the screenshot above, the notifications are sent via the default Photos app from Windows 10.

Windows 10, Photos, generated, album

You may receive such notifications also from the OneDrive app in Windows 10 and other platforms, including your smartphone with Android and iOS.

What can you do to stop such notifications?

You have two options:

  • If you enjoy this feature of OneDrive, but you don't like receiving notifications from the Photos app about these albums, you can turn off the notifications you get from the Photos app in Windows 10. Read the next section of this tutorial to see how to do it..
  • If you don't enjoy this feature of OneDrive and you want to turn it off, follow the instructions found in this guide: Stop OneDrive from creating automatic photo albums in 3 steps.

How to disable automatic photo albums notifications in Windows 10 Photos

Open the Settings app by clicking or tapping on its shortcut from the Start Menu. In the Settings app, open the System settings category. On the left side of the window, click or tap on Notifications & actions.

Windows 10, Photos, generated, album

On the right side of the window, scroll until you reach the section named "Get notifications from these senders."

Windows 10, Photos, generated, album

In this section, scroll down until you locate the Photos app. The list of apps is ordered alphabetically, and you will have quite a lot of scrolling to do. Turn Off the switch to the right, to disable all the notifications you get from the Photos app, including the one about OneDrive albums.

Windows 10, Photos, generated, album

From now on, you'll no longer see notifications about any automatically generated photo album with pictures from the Photos app, on your Windows 10 computer or device. You will get the notification on other computers or devices, and photo albums will continue to be automatically generated by OneDrive.


Maybe you like those automatically generated photo albums from OneDrive, but maybe you don't. However, most people will dislike the notifications that they receive from this feature. Sometimes it's better not get notified about all the stuff you did. Maybe you don't want every person near you to see notifications about the photos you took over the weekend. Do you want to disable these automatic albums notifications, or are you enjoying this new feature? Share your feelings with us, in the comments section below.

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