How to Share Files and Folders Using the OneDrive Website

We all know that OneDrive is great for storing files online, granting you access to your data from any device with an Internet connection. While that certainly is enough to make the service worthwhile, it isn't the only feature worth getting excited about. OneDrive doesn't only make it easy for you to access your own files, it also makes it easy to give others access as well. Want to show your entire family a collection of photos of your child on Christmas but don't want to snail mail discs? Want to collaborate on a paper but can stand emailing it back and forth? Do you want to transfer a file to a friend that's too large to email? Well stop wondering how to do it and read on to learn how to share your files and folders using OneDrive.

How to Share a File or Folder Using the OneDrive Website

Any file or folder you have stored on your OneDrive can be shared. Log in to your account on OneDrive website to view your files. Select a file or folder you want to share and right-click or press and hold on it. Click or tap Share to get started.

If you want to share a whole folder you will be prompted to confirm your choice. Click or tap Share this folder. If you share a file or a couple of files, this prompt will not be shown.

You can achieve the same end by simply clicking or tapping a file or folder to select it and then pressing the Share button on the top of the page.

How to Share OneDrive Files via Email

The first option for sharing your files is using email. If this is the method of choice for you, enter an email address in the To field. You can choose to enter a message in the email as well by typing it into the space provided. You can change permissions by pressing "Recipients can only view".

Choose whether or not you want to allow your friend to edit the shared file.

Also,you can select whether or not you want to require the individual to log in with a Microsoft account before accessing your file.

Click or tap Share when you're ready to go.

How to Share OneDrive Files Using Links

Another option for sharing your files is to create a link that you can post, email, print or provide to collaborators using any means you choose. Click or tap "Get a link" from the left menu.

Choose, whether or not you want to allow your friend to edit the shared file, or make it Public.

When you're done click or tap Create link.

Copy and paste the link you get in an email, blog, or webpage.

How to Share OneDrive Files to Social Networks

While email is a great way to share with people you know, you may have files you want to share with everyone. Sharing via your social networking accounts is a great way to accomplish this. To try this method, select, after you get a link, a social network from "Get a link" window.

How to Share OneDrive Files Using Shortened Links

The links you get from OneDrive are fairly long by default. While this won't cause much trouble if you're emailing it, it can be a problem for posting to Twitter, manual copying or dictation. To get a much more manageable link, click or tap Shorten link.

The shortened link provides the same access to your data, but does so with less than half the characters.

How to View Which OneDrive Files are Shared By You or With You

Once you start sharing files, you may forget which are shared and which aren't. To get a quick look at where you stand, click or tap the Details View button on the top right corner of the window.

Check the Sharing column for a quick view of your file and folder permissions.

For a more detailed view of your permissions, click or tap the Details pane button.

Select a file to view detailed information about who you're sharing a file with and what they can do with it.

Also, you can see informations about shared files by clicking or tapping Shared from the left menu.

Here, you'll see the files and folders shared by you and shared by others with you.

How to Change the Sharing Permissions

If you find that you need to alter permissions of a shared file, enable the Details Pane as described above. To change an individual's permissions, click or tap "Link sent to...".

And select the desired permission level.


Now that you know how to share your OneDrive files, you'll find it's easier than ever to move your data around. Using the simple interface and intuitive tools, you can grant access to a single individual, or a horde of followers with minimal effort.