7 replies on 4 ways to share files and folders from OneDrive

  1. peter says:

    Thank you for sharing. For me this was a very straight forward explanation of how to use onedrive.

  2. Bob Modray says:

    I have installed Onedrive in Windows 7, and can set up files to share, and can share by email.
    However, I get a message saying that if my computer is “asleep” the file cannot be accessed. Why is that? I
    thought it would be available via the Onedrive “cloud”?

    Also, I don’t seem to have access to the “permissions” options that enable such features as “read-only,” etc.

    Can someone help me with these issues?

    Bob Modray

  3. EdM says:

    How do I ‘turn off’ the display of the file name and/or the file date/edited date on the shared album.

  4. Khadijah khan says:

    Thank uou very much digital citizen , i am now inglighten about how one drives work i am mot all that savy ihave 3 emails addresses a friend and i have same password for that particular email address .to my supprise i recently open our e mail and all my private documents and photo my friend can see . I never send it to tthat particular email address.
    I feel so disappointed .about that ..i also was wondering if i could of download all my important documents from one drive to a memory stick , as i was warned by one drive that they would take action if i dont used my one drive and on top all that , my space on one drive is almost full .
    .and i may lose all my important ducuments because i cannot afford to pay for more space .on one drive . what shall i do ?

    • Anonymous says:

      Download all your files from Onedrive.com to your computer and save them on a memory stick. No worries. You can do it. 😉

  5. Stefan says:

    I was happy when I finally found recent article about Onedrive sharing.
    I need to select a lot of (thousands) files to share them.
    Unfortunately, none of your tips helped me.
    To be honest, I have specific scenario. I don’t want to share the whole directory (this works for me).
    I need to share thousands of files in a folder.

    your tips and my results:
    my context menu does not offer me “share”.
    tested on w10 1903, later updated to 1909.
    still option “share” is not present.
    onedrive app is installed in my system, local onedrive folder is synced with onedrive in cloud.
    android app doesn’t offer to select files in bulk.
    iphone – not tested
    I am logged in my account via web browser.
    Onedrive tab is open.
    when I select more than 1 file, the button SHARE disappears.
    The Details pane (in the right top corner) is non functional. nothing happens when I click on it.
    tested with EDGE, Firefox and Chrome browsers.

    Tested with 2 accounts:
    E5 office365 account which is part of my business MSDN account.
    O365 E5 Enterprise

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