How to set up a Google Account on Android

Setting up a Google Account on Android is needed if you want to access Google services and apps from the Play Store. Android relies on your Google Account to access a lot of features and apps, so we recommend using one. Whether it's a device you just got or adding new credentials to an old smartphone you own, this tutorial illustrates how to set up a Google Account on Android:

NOTE: This guide applies to both Android 10 and Android 9 Pie. If you do not know your Android version, read How to check the Android version on your smartphone or tablet. The procedures for adding a Google Account are similar on all Android-powered devices, although some might include additional configuration steps, depending on their manufacturer.

How to set up a Google Account on a new Android device

When you get a new Android smartphone or tablet or you reset Android to its factory defaults, you have to go through a few configuration steps. After choosing the language Android uses, connecting to the internet through mobile data or a wireless network, and deciding whether to copy data from an old device, you are prompted to connect and configure the Google Account you want to use. You can create a Google Account if you don't already have one. To sign in with your existing Google Account, enter the "Email or phone" associated with it in the corresponding field, and then tap the Next button.

Enter the Email or phone connected to your Google Account

On the next screen, Android asks you to enter the Google Account password. Type it in the "Enter your password" field, and then tap Next. Tap on the eye icon to the right to make the password visible, if you want to double-check it.

Enter your Google Account password

If you're using 2-step verification for your Google Account, you're asked to enter a verification code. Depending on your security configurations, you can get this code from the Google Authenticator app, through an SMS message, or another way.

Choose a way to verify your account

Enter the security code and tap Next. Our smartphone automatically retrieves the code and enters it for us.

Verifying your account using SMS

If 2-step verification is not enabled, you might be asked for a phone number to activate it, or this screen might not be shown at all. Take the time to configure this now or Skip to the next step.

Add a number for security or Skip it

Next, Google asks you to agree to its Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. Tap the I agree button to set up your Google Account on your Android device.

Agreeing to the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy

Review the Google Services and flip the switch next to each option to decide on the settings used when it comes to Backup & storage, Location, and Device maintenance. When you are done, tap Accept.

Decide on the services used and press Accept

If you're wondering about the Google Assistant, you can now review what it does and then enable it by tapping Turn on. Otherwise, press the No thanks button.

Choosing whether to enable Google Assistant

TIP: If you enable the Google Assistant by accident or want to remove it later, check out our guide on How to disable Google Assistant on Android.

You should next get a message letting you know the Google Assistant is built into your new phone and suggesting popular uses. Tap Continue.

Suggestions about using the Google Assistant

You are then asked if you want to set up Anything else?. Take the time to do it now or press No thanks at the bottom.

You can change or add more settings

Depending on your smartphone or tablet and on the Android version running on it, you might have to go through a few additional configuration steps. For instance, the "Protect your phone" prompt at the end of the setup process encourages you to enable some way to lock the Android device.

Protect your phone by locking it

Finally, you get a message letting you know that your device is ready for use. Tap Done, and you are finished setting up a Google Account on your Android.

Press Done to finish the setup

You can now enjoy all the benefits associated with using a Google Account on your new Android device.

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How to connect a Google Account to an Android that is already up and running

You don't have to add a Google Account to a device for it to work. However, if you skipped setting up your Google Account when you started your new Android, or you removed the account connected to your smartphone, you might notice some things are hard to go without, like using Google Play Store to install apps and games for Android.

Luckily, you can set up a Google Account on your Android at any point from its Settings. The process is the same if you want to configure an additional Google Account on your device, on top of the one already connected. To access Settings, swipe up on your Home screen or press the All apps button, if available.

Swipe up on the Home screen to open All Apps

On the All Apps screen, access Settings.

Tap the Settings app to open it

In the Settings panel, scroll downwards and tap on Accounts or Users & accounts.

Access Accounts

The next screen displays all the configured accounts on your device. If a Google Account is already active on your Android, you can see it here. The list can also include Facebook accounts, Microsoft accounts, and others, depending on the apps you use and how they are set up. To connect an(other) account on your Android device, tap on the + Add account option.

Adding an account on your Android

The following screen lists the types of accounts you can set up on your device, depending on the apps installed and the type of accounts they use. To set up a Google Account, tap on Google.

Choosing to set up a Google Account

On the next screen, you can create a Google Account. To sign in with an existing account, insert the "Email or phone" associated with your Google Account, and then press Next.

Signing in with your Google Account

Input your Google password in the corresponding text field and tap Next to continue.

Enter your password and press Next

If you're using 2-step verification for your Google Account, this is where you're asked to confirm your identity. Prove it is you or enter a verification code to continue.

Confirm your identity with 2-Step Verification, if needed

To finish setting up your account, Google needs your agreement to its Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. Get yourself up to speed with them if you want, and then tap on I agree.

Agree to Google's Terms of Service and Privacy Policy

Next, you might be prompted to review some of the Google Services you want to use. When you are done, tap on Accept.

Tap Accept to continue

You are returned to the Accounts screen, where you can see the Google Account you just configured on your device listed in the available accounts list.

Your Google Account is shown under Accounts

That is all! You can now use the Google Account you just configured on your Android device.

How many Google Accounts are you using and why?

While most of us prefer using one Google Account, being able to access more accounts from the same device is helpful if you're using different details for work or if you like keeping your family and friends separate and have a second personal account. You can also use an additional account if you want to restart your favorite game without losing the progress made so far. Before you wander off to other corners of the internet, let us know how many Google Accounts you are currently using on your Android device and why. Leave a comment with your answer below.

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