How to change or remove the SIM PIN code on Android

The SIM card PIN code is meant to protect your data against unauthorized access. Each SIM you insert into a smartphone has a PIN code that you need to enter in order to activate the card. Some mobile providers use standard PIN codes, like 0000 or 1234, for all their SIM cards, while others generate unique PIN codes for each SIM. Whatever the case, it’s safer to change the default SIM PIN code to one of your choosing. Or, while we don’t recommend it, maybe you want to disable having to enter a SIM PIN each time you start your Android smartphone. Regardless of what you are trying to do, this tutorial has the answers you need for both stock Android and Samsung Galaxy smartphones:

NOTE: To go ahead with this tutorial, you need to know your current SIM PIN code. Entering the PIN incorrectly three times blocks your SIM card until you use a PUK (or PUC - personal unblocking code, provided by your mobile operator) to unlock the SIM card.

How to access the SIM card lock settings on your Android smartphone or tablet

On stock Android, open the Settings for your smartphone or tablet and tap on Security.

Access Security Settings

Next, tap on Advanced at the bottom of the screen to reveal more options.

Go to the Advanced section

Press on “SIM card lock.

Access SIM card lock

If you have a Dual-SIM smartphone, choose the appropriate SIM card by tapping on the corresponding network from the tabs at the top of the screen.

Select the SIM card whose PIN you want to change or remove

Access the Set up SIM card lock settings on a Samsung Galaxy Android device

If you’re using a Samsung smartphone, access “Biometrics and security” from the Settings menu.

Tap on Biometrics and security

Next, scroll down and press on “Other security settings.

Access Other security settings

Tap on “Set up SIM card lock” from the top of the screen.

Access Set up SIM card lock

From this point forward, the steps are the same for both Samsung Galaxy devices and stock Android smartphones.

How to remove the SIM lock when starting your Android (including Samsung Galaxy)

If you do not want to enter the SIM PIN code each time you start your Android smartphone or tablet, tap on “Lock SIM card” to turn off the switch.

Press on Lock SIM card

You are prompted to enter your current SIM card PIN code. Insert it, and then tap OK.

Enter the current PIN code to remove the SIM lock

From now on, you no longer have to enter the SIM lock code each time your smartphone or tablet starts. However, you must still enter your device’s PIN code, pattern, password or use the fingerprint scanner or face unlock features to access your data.

NOTE: If you remove the SIM card PIN lock, the “Change SIM PIN” option, illustrated in the next chapter, is greyed out. You must activate the switch next to “Lock SIM card” to make any changes to the current SIM PIN code.

How to change the SIM card PIN code on Android (including Samsung Galaxy)

To change the existing SIM PIN code to another one, in the SIM card lock settings, tap on “Change SIM PIN.

Change the SIM PIN on Android

When you are prompted to insert your Old SIM PIN, write the one you’re currently using. Then, tap OK.

Type in the current or Old SIM PIN and press OK

Next, enter the New SIM PIN you want to use. You can choose a code that is between four and eight digits long. When you are done, tap OK. The following screen asks you to “Re-type new PIN” and looks pretty much the same. Confirm the new SIM PIN code by typing it once more, and then press OK.

Insert and confirm the new SIM PIN code

Your SIM card PIN code is now changed, and you get a notification letting you know.

You successfully changed the SIM PIN

NOTE: Do not confuse the SIM PIN code with the one used to unlock your Android device. The SIM card PIN is required each time you start or restart your Android smartphone or tablet, or when you introduce a SIM card into the device. It’s not needed when you unlock the device’s screen, once Android has loaded and the SIM card is already unlocked.

Did you change your default SIM card PIN, or did you remove the SIM lock?

Before closing this tutorial, we want to know what you did. Did you change your default SIM PIN code with a new one? How many digits does your new PIN have? Or maybe you removed the requirement to enter the SIM PIN code each time you start your Android smartphone or tablet? Since we don’t recommend that, we’d like to know your reasons for renouncing an extra layer of security for your data. Comment below, and let’s discuss.

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