How to open, move, pin, set aside, close and reopen tabs in Microsoft Edge

Tab management is not exactly an exciting thing to do in your web browser but, when you have too many tabs opened at the same time, you have to close some of them or manage them in some way, so that your browser doesn't grind to a halt. In this article we will show you everything you need to know about tab management in the Microsoft Edge browser from Windows 10 Creators Update: opening new tabs, previewing opened tabs, settings tabs aside, closing and reopening them, moving them, pinning them and so on. There's quite a bit of ground to cover so let's get started:

1. How to open new tabs in Microsoft Edge

If you want to open a new tab, click or tap the + button next to the last tab that is open in Microsoft Edge. You can also use the Ctrl + T keyboard shortcut.

On devices with physical keyboards like laptops or desktop PC's, if you press and hold the Ctrl button, and then you click or tap a link on a web page, the page the link points to, will be opened in a new tab.

2. How to reopen tabs in Microsoft Edge

The Microsoft Edge browser allows you to reopen the last tab you closed. If you want to do this, right click or press and hold on a tab and, in the contextual menu, choose Reopen closed tab.

3. How to preview opened tabs in Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge offers a quick preview of what's inside your opened tabs, without actually opening them. To see the preview of an individual tab, hover your mouse cursor over it for a second. When you'll do that, Microsoft Edge will display a small preview.

Even more, Microsoft Edge lets you get previews for all the tabs you've opened, all at once. To see all tab previews simultaneously, click or tap on the small arrow pointing downwards from the right end of the row with tabs.

The previews are displayed in a row, all together. This is what they look like:

As you can see in the screenshot above, the tabs preview row also includes buttons to the left and to the right, which you can use to scroll the previews list when it contains more thumbnails than the Microsoft Edge window can fit.

4. How to set tabs aside in Microsoft Edge

If you're used to working with lots of tabs, Microsoft Edge has one unique feature: it can set tabs aside. It's a feature that lets you easily store all the opened tabs and hide them from view. They are not closed; they are put aside so that you can use Microsoft Edge as it was when you first opened it. Then, when you need to work with the tabs you've set aside, you can quickly reload them.

To set your active tabs aside, click or tap on the small button that looks like a small window, with an arrow coming out of it, and pointing to the left.

The effect will be that all the active tabs will go away and Microsoft Edge will open a New tab. Also, when you have tabs that you've put aside, the first icon from the top row turns black, like in the screenshot below:

When you want to use the "set aside" tabs again, click or tap on the "Tabs you've set aside" button from the top left corner of Edge. Then you will see your tabs again: to open them back, click or tap on Restore tabs.

Or, if you no longer need the tabs you've set aside, you can click or tap on the x button at the right of Restore tabs pop-up, and all of them will be closed at once. Which will leave the Tabs you've set aside popup empty, like this:


5. How to close tabs in Microsoft Edge

If you want to close a tab, click or tap the x button on the tab or use the Ctrl + W keyboard shortcut.

In Microsoft Edge, you can close multiple tabs simultaneously.

If you want to close all tabs except one, right click or press and hold the tab that you want to keep and choose Close other tabs.

You can also decide to close all tabs to the right of a particular tab. If you want that, right click or press and hold a tab and select Close tabs to the right.

6. How to refresh one or all tabs at once, in Microsoft Edge

If you want to refresh a web page, you need to press the corresponding button on the address bar or the F5 button on your keyboard. But, Microsoft Edge also has an option through which you can refresh all tabs simultaneously. To use it, right-click or press and hold a tab. Then, click or tap Refresh all, in the contextual menu.

7. How to duplicate tabs in Microsoft Edge

You may also want to duplicate a tab. If you want, do this, right click or press and hold on it, and then choose Duplicate tab.

8. How to move tabs in Microsoft Edge

Moving tabs is very easy and intuitive. You can change the position of a tab by dragging it to the place you want, with the mouse cursor or your finger (if you have a touchscreen).

If you want to move a tab to a new window, right click or press and hold it, and select "Move to new window." Or, you can pull out the tab from between the others, and the result is the same.

This action will open a new window of Microsoft Edge containing the tab that you chose to move.

9. How to pin tabs in Microsoft Edge

If you have some websites which you use all the time, you might want to pin them. That makes Microsoft Edge open them automatically each time you launch it. The good news is that pinning tabs in Edge is very simple: right-click or tap and hold on the tab you want to be pinned, and then click/tap on Pin.

You will find pinned tabs at the beginning of the tabs row on the top of Microsoft Edge. They'll display only their icons, without the name of the web pages that are pinned.

To unpin a tab, right-click or tap and hold on it and then click/tap Unpin.

That's it!


Microsoft Edge is working hard to become one of the best web browsers on the market, and one of the good things about that is that we get all the usual tools for tab management and more. Do you find it easy to do work with tabs in this web browser? Share your opinion with us, in the comments below.