Make Android’s permanent notifications go away

Do you have an Android smartphone or tablet with Android 9 Pie or Android 8 Oreo? Do you use apps such as Samsung Health or AVG Antivirus, whose notifications never go away from the notification drawer? When you hit the Clear button, all the other notifications go away, but there are one or two which never do? If you have this problem, in this article we show you how to fix this problem for good:

NOTE: This guide applies to Android 9 Pie and Android 8 Oreo. The procedure is similar on all Android-powered devices, so you should be set even if you are running a different version of Android on your device. The screenshots from Android 9 are on the left, and the ones from Android 8 are on the right. If you do not know what version of Android you have, read this article: What version of Android do I have? 3 ways of checking!

Problem description: Android app notifications that do not go away

Flick from the top to the bottom of the screen to see all the Android notifications that are displayed by your apps. When you are done checking them, you press the Clear option, and most notifications go away, except one or two, which are displayed there permanently. Such notifications are shown mostly by apps which permanently run in the background. Samsung Health, AVG Antivirus, ESET Mobile Security, LastPass or CyberGhost, are all good examples of Android apps that display permanent notifications.

Permanent notifications from Android

These apps provide useful services, and you probably do not want to remove them. However, you might want them to stop showing their permanent notifications, which fill the notifications drawer with information that is probably not useful to you.

The solution: Edit the notification settings for the Android app that displays permanent notifications

When you check the notifications on your Android device, press and hold the app notification that you want to go away. This action expands the notification and shows a switch and two buttons. The fastest way to get rid of the permanent notification is to disable the switch you see here, in the expanded notification:

Disabling a permanent notification in Android

After you turn the switch off, tap Done to save the new setting.

Another solution for disabling permanent notifications in Android

You can also disable the permanent notifications sent by an app from your Android smartphone’s Settings. Instead of disabling the notification switch as shown in the previous solution, tap More Settings.

The More Settings link from an app’s extended notification

This opens the Settings app and takes you to that app’s notifications configuration page. There, look for the particular, permanent type of notifications that you want to disable.

Some apps use the name Permanent notification, while others use alternative names, such as Sticky in the case of AVG AntiVirus. When you identify the culprit, tap on it.

A permanent notification’s entry from the notifications settings in Android

On the next screen, you should see a switch called “Allow notifications.”

The Allow notifications switch

Disable the “Allow notifications” switch to make all those permanent notifications go away.

A disabled Android permanent notification

That was all!

Which apps display permanent notifications on your Android devices?

We hope that this guide has helped you get rid of those pesky notifications. Now that you have solved your problem, let us know which apps displayed permanent notifications on your Android smartphone. Was it a fitness app such as Samsung Health, a security app such as AVG AntiVirus, or was it something else? Comment below and let’s share our experience.