How to get daily wallpapers from Google on your Android device

One of the features we like about Windows 10 is that it can be set to offer a new wallpaper every day on the lock screen, straight from Bing. We wished that Google would offer a similar feature and now they do. They launched the Wallpapers app which you can use to get a daily wallpaper for your Android devices. Here's where to find the app and how to use it to get a fresh wallpaper each day, both for the home screen and the lock screen of your Android devices:

Install the Wallpapers app from the Google Play store

At the beginning of the month, Google has launched the Wallpapers app in the Google Play store. You can get it and use it for free.

After you install it, open it from its Google Play page or from the apps drawer.

How to use the Wallpapers app to set a custom wallpaper

When you open the Wallpapers app, you can browse its gallery of pictures using the available categories: my photos, on-device wallpapers, earth, landscapes, cityscapes, life and textures.

Scroll down the list of categories to see them all. Our favorite categories are landscapes and textures but you might enjoy others too.

Each category has a long list of wallpapers to choose from, which gets updated daily. You can open an image you like and tap "Set Wallpaper" on the top.

Then, you can choose whether you want to set it as a wallpaper for the home screen, the lock screen or both.

How to use the Wallpapers app to get a daily wallpaper

If you want the Wallpapers app to set a daily wallpaper for you, which changes every twenty four hours, you can do that.

In the app window, go to the category of wallpapers that you like most: earth, landscapes, cityscapes, life or textures. Then, tap the "Daily wallpaper - Tap to turn on" button on the top-left.

You are informed that the wallpaper will change automatically every day. You can select whether you want to download future wallpapers on Wi-Fi only. Then, tap OK to enable this feature.

Now you can close the Wallpapers app and enjoy your daily wallpaper on your Android smartphone or tablet.

Do you like the new Wallpapers app?

Don't hesitate to try how the Wallpapers app works for your Android devices. Then, share you opinion with us: Do you like how it works? Are the wallpapers it offers beautiful? Access the comments form using the link below.