Best Christmas wallpapers for your smartphone in 2021

As we reach the end of a difficult 2021, the Christmas spirit is slowly but surely taking over. We know that many of you have already decorated your houses and are preparing to spend some peaceful moments at home. But no Christmas preparation is complete without decorating your Android or iPhone with a Christmas wallpaper. If you’re searching for that perfect image to fill your mobile screens, here are our 21 favorite Christmas wallpapers for smartphones and tablets:

1. Light painting Christmas tree

We start off with a wallpaper that illustrates very well the chaotic year we’ve had. And just like with 2021, this picture shows us that there’s beauty in chaos, too.

Light-painted Christmas tree

Download: Blue and white led light photo

2. Different breeds, same holiday spirit

We continue with a wallpaper that reminds us that the best holidays are spent in the company of others. While we might have different views, different goals, different paths, we should enjoy Christmas together.

Cute animals with snowy background

Download: Cute sea lion animal christmas card background

3. Minimalistic wooden table with pine

For the more pretentious of you, here’s a wallpaper with a beautiful color palette and plenty of room for icons. This way, you can customize your Home screen and make the icons and widgets more visible.

Pine branch on table

Download: Wooden table with pine

TIP: If you need help organizing the Android Home screen, read this tutorial: Android Home screen customization in 6 easy steps.

4. Christmas tree ornament

Here is another wallpaper that gives you plenty of room to place your icons. The simple color scheme ensures that you won’t have trouble identifying the graphical elements of the phone interface.

Red bauble

Download: Top view red xmas tree toy on red isolated table free space

5. Christmas table setting

Of course, we all look forward to the Christmas dinner. The family conversations, the passive-aggressive comments, the gossip, and, of course, the food. Just be careful with the carb and sweets intake!

Table setting with golden decorations

Download: Served christmas table setting

6. Miniature bike in snow

On a lighter tone (literally), here’s a wallpaper with a miniature bike stuck in the snow. We think it’s cute. Do you agree?

Miniature bike

Download: Miniature Bicycle Snow

7. Sweet Christmas tree

If you like Christmas and you’re crazy about chocolate, this one is for you. The decorations are not edible, though.

Tree-shaped chocolate

Download: Stars Chocolate Christmas

8. Winnie the Pooh

Your kids will surely enjoy this one. It’s Winnie the Pooh, sitting in front of the Christmas tree, probably thinking of honey treats.

Winnie the Pooh during Christmas

Download: Wallpaper Christmas Vague

9. Christmas puppy

Although we think pets should not be given as surprise gifts (unless you’re sure that person can take care of it), there’s no harm in dressing up your pet to look like a Christmas gift. Right?

Puppy dressed-up as a gift

Download: Christmas Dog Puppy

10. Chubby angel

This chubby angel is exactly what we’ll look like after the copious home-cooked Christmas dinner. No regrets!

Chubby angel

Download: Christmas Card Angel

11. Gingerbread for Christmas

The gingerbread tastes better in front of the Christmas tree, accompanied by a cup of warm milk. Or maybe it’s hot chocolate? Ah, either way, we can’t wait.

Gingerbread and a cup of warm milk

Download: Christmas, Still Life, Tree

12. Minimalistic dark themed Christmas wallpaper

Yes, we like minimalistic Christmas wallpapers. We think that the simpler the image, the less cluttered it feels when looking at the Home screen. With multi-colored icons, all sorts of buttons and widgets, you don’t want the background image to make it look even busier. Here’s a wallpaper that complements the dark mode on your Android phone or your iPhone.

Ornaments on dark gray background

Download: Assorted-color ornaments on black surface photo

13. Fireworks

Did someone say “fireworks”? Count us in! We love them at parties or festivals, and we’re looking forward to them during the winter holidays. Throw in some bokeh effects and you have yourself a wallpaper!

Lit sparkler

Download: Bokeh photography of person holding fireworks photo

14. Christmas bauble

Here’s another wallpaper with a cool, uniform color palette and plenty of room for your icons. The bauble looks gorgeous, too.

Beautiful bauble

Download: Person holding bauble ball photo

15. Santa’s elf?

Here’s another one for the dog lovers out there. Hopefully, no pets were harmed or terrified while taking the picture.

Small dog dressed like Santa's elf

Download: White and brown long coated small dog wearing santa hat photo

16. Grayscale background for colored icons

Here’s a wallpaper that will make the icons on your Home screen stand out more. We think the discreet decorations are chic.

Grayscale wallpaper with decorations by Annie Spratt

Download: Grayscale photo of star mat photo by Annie Spratt

17. Colored baubles

Want to make your icons and widget hard to read? Look no further, we found the perfect wallpaper. If you’re REALLY into baubles, try this one. Good luck finding that Instagram icon!

Shiny, red and gold baubles by Jonathan Borba

Download: Red and brown Christmas baubles photo by Jonathan Borba

18. Cats + Christmas tree = love

You know it’s just a matter of time. If you have cats, they WILL be hypnotized by the shiny baubles and lights and they WILL try to play with the decorations. So make sure the tree is properly secured.

Cat sniffing the Christmas tree by YoonJae Baik

Download: White and gray cat on brown wood by YoonJae Baik

19. Bokeh Christmas tree

Here’s one final minimalist wallpaper, this time with a bokeh effect on a Christmas tree. Bonus, if your smartphone has an AMOLED screen, this wallpaper will actually save battery!

Out-of-focus Christmas tree lights by Sneha Cecil

Download: Yellow lights on black background photo by Sneha Cecil

20. The confusing snowman

We have so many questions about this image. Why would the poor snowman be dressed in thick, warm clothes? Isn’t heat the enemy of snowmen? Also, why is he smiling? He’s melting in there! Anyway, the picture is nice and it also managed to put a smile on our faces.

Smiling toy snowman by Di He

Download: Snowman plush toy photograph photo by Di He

21. Merry Christmas!

We end the list with an awesome neon sign which we’d love to have in our office for the holidays. And we do wish you a Merry Christmas, a happy new year, and may you enjoy these holidays together with your family and friends!

Merry Christmas neon sign by Lisanto

Download: Merry Christmas sign by Lisanto

Which one is your favorite?

We hope you enjoyed our selection of 21 wallpapers for the 2021 Christmas holidays. Before you close the page, tell us which one is your favorite? Do you have other Christmas wallpapers that you prefer? If so, share them with us!

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