How to Disable/Enable the SmartScreen Filter and Windows SmartScreen

In a previous article we explained what the SmartScreen Filter is, how it works and why it is important to your security. However, if you decide that the SmartScreen Filter is rather annoying and you want to turn it off, here’s how this is done.

NOTE: I will start this guide by showing how to disable it in Windows 8. In the second section, I will show the procedure that applies for Internet Explorer (versions 9 and 10), which can be used also in Windows 7.

How to Disable the SmartScreen Filter in Windows 8

Open the Control Panel and go to System and Security.

Then, click on Action Center.

NOTE: To learn more about the Action Center, how it works and why it is useful, we recommend reading this tutorial: How to Use the Action Center in Windows 8 to Keep Your System Secure.

Next, look on the left column, in the Action Center. Find the "Change Windows SmartScreen settings" link and click or tap on it.

The Windows SmartScreen window opens. Click or tap on "Don’t do anything (turn off Windows SmartScreen)" and then on OK.

The SmartScreen Filter is now disabled, but only in File Explorer. If you want to disable it also in Internet Explorer, read the section below.

How to Disable the SmartScreen Filter in Internet Explorer 9 & 10

Open Internet Explorer. If you are using Windows 8, open the desktop version of the browser instead of the Internet Explorer app.

Then, click the Tools button or press Alt+X on your keyboard. Click on "Safety -> Turn off SmartScreen Filter".

The Microsoft SmartScreen Filter window opens. Select "Turn off SmartScreen Filter" and click OK.

The SmartScreen Filter is now disabled in Internet Explorer.

How to Enable the SmartScreen Filter

Enabling the SmartScreen Filter is achieved by going through the same steps and making the opposite choices, both in Windows 8 and Internet Explorer 9 or 10.

If you any questions about this feature and how it works, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below.