Security for everyone - Review Emsisoft Internet Security 12

3 out of 5 stars

Emsisoft is an IT company based in New Zealand which develops security products that are said to be highly efficient in protecting us from malware, while at the same time keeping a low profile in terms of consumed system resources. The company also brags about their security products as being bloat-free, which does sound appealing, to be honest. Their premium security suite is called Emsisoft Internet Security and it recently reached its version number 12. We’ve used and tested it, and now we’d like to share everything we liked and didn’t like about it. If you’re curious about Emsisoft Internet Security 12, read our review and you’ll know if this is the right product for you:

The download and installation experience

The first thing you must do in order to install Emsisoft Internet Security 12 on your computer is to go to the company’s website and download the installer. A thing we appreciated a lot about this first step is that, unlike most other security companies, Emsisoft doesn’t ask you for any kind of personal information prior to letting you download their software trials.

Where To Buy

The file you will download is called EmsisoftInternetSecuritySetup.exe and it’s quite large, having 219MB in size. The good thing, however, is that it’s the full installer. You won’t have to download additional data during the installation process. Once you launch it, the installer will unzip its files, ask you to accept the license agreement and then will ask if you want to test the product, if you already have a license key, or if you want to order the product right now. It is nice to see that Emsisoft still didn’t ask for any personal information while other security products would have done this by now.

You don’t get to choose what protection modules are installed, but the security suite will ask whether you want to join the Emsisoft Anti-Malware Network. Our recommendation for you is to do that because it will help Emsisoft react faster and better to new threats. However, if you don’t want any information to go out, you can say no to this feature.

Then, Emsisoft Internet Security 12 starts an automatic update process for virus definitions. That’s a good thing because it means you will benefit from an up to date anti-malware protection right from the start.

On the final step of the installation process, the wizard will ask one more question: do you want the security suite to alert you about potentially unwanted programs (PUPs) found on your system? Obviously, our recommendation is to say yes. That’s because although they are not true viruses, PUPs can be extremely annoying and can slow your computer to the point where you can’t really use it anymore. So getting rid of them is always a good idea from our point of view.

Then, the security suite loads its user interface which, as you’ll soon see, looks good.

Downloading and installing Emsisoft Internet Security 12 is swift: the whole process is easy to go through and you don’t have to provide any personal information, which is great.

Integration with Windows, web browsers, and universal Windows platform apps

During its installation, Emsisoft Internet Security 12 automatically disables Windows Defender and Windows Firewall. That eliminates the possible conflicts or performance issues that can appear when you have two antivirus products running simultaneously. Emsisoft Internet Security 12 is also well integrated with Windows 10 in terms of networking: we had no issues when creating or joining a homegroup in the local network, when sharing files nor when we used universal Windows platform apps.

The firewall module included in Emsisoft Internet Security 12 is also capable of detecting the network profile you set in Windows and can change its protection accordingly. That means that the user has fewer things to manually change in order to get a good level of protection, and that’s always a good thing.

When it comes to your online security, Emsisoft Internet Security 12 chooses to protect you by scanning and filtering all the internet traffic that goes on your computer. It doesn’t bundle any additional web browser extensions.

Once we had the security suite up and running, we did a couple of measurements to see how many system resources it needs in order to run, and whether it slowed down our test computer. The first thing we measured was the average boot time of our computer. The good news is that it stayed the same after installing Emsisoft Internet Security 12. Then, we looked at how much RAM memory it consumes. This time, we were in for a surprise - Emsisoft Internet Security 12 needs over 300MB of RAM memory in order to run all its process. That’s a rather big number, although it shouldn’t be a problem for any modern computer.

Finally, to get the full picture, we also ran the Home accelerated tests from the PCMark 8 benchmark application. These tests give you a score which you can use to get an idea of the overall performance level of your computer. By running these tests before and after we installed the security suite, we could see if it had any negative effect on our laptop’s performance. Fortunately, that was not the case, as PCMark 8 gave us the same score in both situations.

Emsisoft Internet Security 12 is a security suite that’s very well integrated with Windows and its networking features. We appreciate that it actively monitors the profile you set for your networks in Windows and that it automatically adjusts its firewall protection accordingly. We also like the fact that this antivirus product doesn’t slow down your PC, not even by a bit.

Ease of use & configuration

The user interface you get from Emsisoft Internet Security 12 looks good. For starters, it’s a resizeable window and that’s something that you don’t see in many security products these days. You’ll find a few very large sections for Protection, Scan, Quarantine, and Logs, as well as a series of different buttons and links that give you access to the most important tools and tasks. As you can see in the image below, Emsisoft Internet Security 12 uses smooth and warm colors when things are OK, and bright orange or red colors when something requires your attention.

Obviously, because of its large sections, buttons, and links, the user interface you get is also usable on devices with touchscreens. Fortunately, that also applies to the most advanced settings available. If you’ll browse through these settings, you’ll find that most of them are controlled by simple checkmarks that enable or disable them. And, they’re large enough to be easily tapped with your fingers too.

Although most options and settings are easy to understand and don’t require special technical knowledge, if you need help with anything, you’ll be pleased to know that Emsisoft Internet Security 12 provides its users with access to local help files which work even when you’re offline. You also get access to online documentation, frequently asked questions, and community forums. You can contact the company via email for further support but, unfortunately, because they are a team of people scattered all over the world, Emsisoft does not and probably could not offer chat or phone support of any kind.

Emsisoft Internet Security 12 includes detailed logs about everything that happened on your computer from a security perspective. And, what’s nice about these logs that you get is that they are nicely organized and divided into different categories. However, one thing beginners won’t like is the fact that they won’t get simple, visually attractive statistics like pie charts, graphs or anything similar.

As far as notifications and alerts are concerned, you should know that Emsisoft tends to display more than other security products. During the time in which we used this software, we saw alerts about malware threats, firewall issues, phishing websites being blocked, and also notifications about updates being installed or news published by Emsisoft on their website.

The user interface you get in Emsisoft Internet Security 12 looks good and it’s also easy to understand and use. All the features, options, and settings are clear and concise and are also readily available. One thing some users might not appreciate, though, is the lack of any visual statistics and the absence of any phone support options.

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