Trust Verro Ergonomic Wireless Mouse review


The Trust Verro is an ergonomic wireless mouse with a vertical design and a body destined to ease the pain caused by many types of wrist injuries. Although it takes at least a few days to adapt yourself to such a mouse, once you do, it can supposedly improve your health, especially if you’re used to long hours in front of your computer. We’ve had the curiosity to see whether all that’s true, so we tested the Trust Verro vertical mouse for a while. Now, in this review, we’re ready to tell you our findings and what you should know about it:

Trust Verro: Who is it good for?

The Trust Verro vertical mouse is an excellent choice for people who:

  • Are looking for healthy ways of using their computers
  • Are suffering from wrist or forearm injuries (Repetitive Strain Injury, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, arthritis, etc.)
  • Want an ergonomic mouse that’s well built and doesn’t cost a lot

Pros and cons

There are quite a few good things to say about the Trust Verro:

See price on:

  • The ergonomic vertical design of the mouse helps ease the pain caused by joint stress and afflictions such as carpal tunnel syndrome
  • It’s lightweight, has good grip, and glides easily on any surface
  • The price you pay for it is quite low
  • It looks great on any desk

On the other side of things, the Trust Verro vertical mouse:

  • Doesn’t have Bluetooth
  • Has a scroll wheel that’s relatively hard to use if you have long fingers
  • Is not suitable for gaming, as its design is not meant for that, and the optical sensor’s dpi resolution is not high enough for such purposes
Product rating 4/5


Overall, and depending on what you’re going to use it for, the Trust Verro is a relatively easy recommendation on our part. It’s an excellent choice for all the people out there who are looking for an ergonomic vertical mouse that’s healthier to use than standard mice, doesn’t cost a lot of money, and won’t be needed for gaming. Although it takes a few days to adapt to using a vertical mouse, after you do, you’ll surely appreciate the health benefits offered by keeping your arm in a more natural position.

Unboxing the Trust Verro vertical mouse

Trust Verro arrives in a good-looking box made of black and dark gray cardboard. On the front side of the package, the company printed a relatively large picture that shows the mouse from both sides. Additionally, you can also see a few details about the vertical mouse inside, like its DPI resolution and ergonomic design features.

The package of the Trust Verro mouse

The back of the box has more information about the mouse, how it’s made, its vertical design, and hardware specs. Inside the package, you find the Trust Verro wireless mouse, an AA battery, and a warranty leaflet.

Trust Verro mouse: What's inside the box

Unboxing the Trust Verro ergonomic wireless mouse is fast and straightforward, and the package bundles only the essentials.

Design and hardware specifications

First and foremost, you should know that the Trust Verro is a vertical mouse. It was designed and made for people who need and want a mouse with an ergonomic design that keeps the wrist in a more natural position. The intention behind this design choice is to help with pain caused by carpal tunnel syndrome, repetitive strain injuries (RSI), or other medical conditions that affect joints, like arthritis, for instance.

What the Trust Verro mouse looks like

Trust Verro comes with an optical sensor that supports a maximum sensitivity of 1600 dpi, adjustable in three steps at 600 dpi, 1200 dpi, and 1600 dpi. In other words, it’s obvious that the audience of this mouse is primarily people who need it for office or home use, but not for gaming.

On the mouse, there are six buttons with predefined functions (left and right-click, scroll wheel, dpi, forward and backward, and power), meaning that you can’t change their purpose using software.

To connect to your computer, Trust Verro uses a wireless connection on the 2.4GHz radio frequency, with a maximum range of up to 10 meters. The USB 2.0 dongle is found inside the battery compartment. Speaking of which, the mouse draws its power from a single AA battery (the one bundled is not rechargeable) which, in theory, should last for about three months.

The bottom of the Trust Verro mouse

In terms of size and weight, the Trust Verro is quite large and tall, but it’s not heavy. It’s 5.39 inches (137 mm) tall, 2.91 in (74 mm) wide, 2.68 in (68 mm) long, and weighs 3.99 ounces (113 grams).

It’s also worth noting that this mouse is compatible with Windows, Chrome OS, and macOS operating systems. For all of them, it uses a standard built-in driver, and Trust doesn’t provide software to adjust the way the Verro mouse works.

For more details and specifications about this mouse, visit its dedicated webpage: Trust Verro Ergonomic Wireless Mouse.

Using the Trust Verro vertical mouse

Trust Verro is not what you’d call a regular mouse: it’s an ergonomic vertical one. While most of us are familiar with using standard horizontal mice in all shapes and sizes, vertical ones like the Trust Verro not only look different and odd, but also feel quite strange to hold in your hand, at least at the beginning. I have to be honest: I had never used a vertical mouse until the Trust Verro. Its shape felt very strange when I put my hand on it, but it only took a few days to adapt to it. Then, it just felt natural to use it, and I must say that the upright position really does help with wrist pain.

A look at the Trust Verro mouse

Although the Trust Verro looks quite big and hefty, it fits well in a normal-sized hand, at least in terms of left and right-click buttons. Unfortunately, if your fingers are longer than average, the scroll wheel is relatively hard to get to, requiring you to raise your hand from the mouse. Also, the Trust Verro might be too large for those with small hands or very short fingers. And, if you have thick fingers or very large hands, you might not like the fact that your pinky finger will almost always touch the mouse pad or desk while using the mouse.

Using the scroll wheel is not as easy as we'd like

On the same note, I like the fact that the mouse is not slippery. Its upper sides, where you rest your hand, are covered in a rubber-like material, with stylized creases that improve grip. Add the fact that the mouse is lightweight and ergonomic, and you get a really comfortable device that you can use for long hours without getting tired.

The Trust Verro mouse is comfortable to use for long periods of time

On the Trust Verro, there’s a total of six buttons, each assigned to a default action that you can’t change. On the right side, where your index finger rests, you get the standard left and right-click, scroll/middle-click, and dpi switch. On the left, where your thumb sits, there are the back and forward buttons.

The main buttons on the Trust Verro mouse

Between the dpi switch and the scroll wheel, a small LED informs you when the battery is nearly depleted, as well as what dpi resolution your mouse is set to use. When the battery’s almost gone, the LED stays permanently red. When pressing the dpi switch, the LED flashes once for 600 dpi, twice for 1200 dpi, and thrice for 1600 dpi.

The LED flashes to let you know about the DPI resolution

So far, I’ve been using the Trust Verro vertical for a week. It definitely eased some of the pain I’ve felt in my wrist and forearm over the last few years, some lingering from two years back when I broke it falling from my bike, some probably caused by how much time I spend on the computer and laptop. Overall, I feel like the Trust Verro is a good choice in terms of health. It’s excellent for office work, browsing the web, and regular use of the computer, but I wouldn’t recommend it for gaming.

The Trust Verro is a good choice for people who are looking for an ergonomic vertical mouse to ease the aches and pain in their wrist and arms. It feels good in your hand, it’s comfortable, it has good grip, it’s accurate, and it looks great.

What’s your opinion about the Trust Verro vertical mouse?

Now you know a bit more about what to expect from the Trust Verro ergonomic wireless mouse. You’re familiar with its strengths and weaknesses, and you know how and why it helps you improve your health. Before you go, let us know what you think about it and whether you’d buy a vertical mouse such as the Trust Verro.

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