How to sync the Windows 10 clipboard with other computers and devices

One of the best new features in Windows 10 October 2018 Update is the fact that you can store multiple items in your clipboard, and have them synchronized across Windows 10 PCs, and other devices. For the synchronization to work, you need to use the same Microsoft account on your devices, turn this feature on, and to have a working internet connection. Here is how to sync your Windows 10 clipboard across computers and devices:

NOTE: The new clipboard features are available starting with Windows 10 October 2018 Update. If you have an older version of Windows, you cannot use the new clipboard. If you do not know what version of Windows 10 you have, read this tutorial: What version, edition, and type of Windows 10 do I have installed?.

How to turn on the Windows 10 clipboard sync across devices

Open the Settings in Windows 10. One quick way to do that is to press Windows + I keys on your keyboard. Then, go to System.

Windows 10 settings

In the column on the left, choose Clipboard.

The Clipboard settings in Windows 10

On the right, you see several settings about the clipboard and how it works in Windows 10. First, make sure that the switch for "Clipboard history" is turned on. Without it, there is nothing to sync across computers.

Enable the clipboard history

When this setting is enabled, Windows 10 saves multiple items to the clipboard, for later use. These items can then be synced between Windows 10 computers and other devices. To enable their synchronization, set the "Sync across devices" switch to On.

Enable and set the sync across devices

Next, choose how you want automatic syncing to work:

  • "Automatically sync text that I copy" - everything that is stored in your clipboard, when you hit CTRL+C or Copy, gets synchronized across devices, as long as it is text. Images are never synchronized through the clipboard.
  • "Never automatically sync text that I copy" - when you hit CTRL+C or Copy, the item is stored in your local clipboard. However, it is not synchronized across devices, unless you manually choose for it to get synchronized. Read on to see how that works.

Remember that you have to turn on the synchronization on all the Windows 10 PCs and other devices where you want this to work. It is not enough to enable it on one PC or device. Your data is sent to Microsoft's servers if you do that and remains on your PC and Microsoft's servers.

How to manually sync clipboard items from Windows 10 to other devices

If you have turned on the synchronization across devices, but you have set it to "Never automatically sync text that I copy," the clipboard items are not synchronized automatically, only manually. To sync an item from your clipboard, press Windows+V to view the clipboard. Then, for the item that you want to sync, click or tap the Sync symbol that looks like a cloud. The clipboard sends it to Microsoft's cloud, for synchronization, and it tells you when the element was last synchronized.

Manually synchronizing a clipboard item

On other Windows 10 devices where you have enabled the syncing feature, press Windows+V and see the clipboard items that you have synchronized. To learn more about how to work with the new clipboard from Windows 10, read this guide: How to use the Clipboard in Windows 10: paste older items, pin items, delete items, etc.

What is not working, yet

Microsoft has an ambitious vision for the clipboard. They aim to make your clipboard sync across Windows 10 devices, as well as smartphones with Android and iOS. Currently, there is a beta version of this feature on Android, but it does not work well. When this feature becomes available in a stable app, that is not in the beta stage of development, we will come back and tell you how to sync your Windows 10 clipboard across devices with different operating systems.

How do you like the new clipboard sync in Windows 10?

Try this new feature of Windows 10 and tell us how you like it. We work with a Windows 10 desktop and a laptop every day, so having the possibility to synchronize the clipboard between them means that we get a productivity improvement. What about you? Is it useful to you? Do you like how it works? Comment below and let's discuss.

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