Sony CP-AD2M4 charger review: charge multiple devices safely


Charging your mobile devices has become a difficult task at home, at the office and even more so on the road. The Sony CP-AD2M4 charger gives you the ability to charge multiple devices safely. Finding an electrical outlet for every charger that comes with every device you have can be daunting. YIf you find one, you're most likely to plug in your smartphone. What about your wireless headphones, smartwatch, fitness tracker, tablet, or e-book reader? Let's see how the Sony CP-AD2M4 charger can help you charge all your mobile devices:

Sony CP-AD2M4 charger: For whom is it right?

This charger is a good fit if you need:

  • To charge up to four devices at once, using one power plug
  • To charge your devices safely, with heat resistance and power control

Pros and cons

The Sony CP-AD2M4 charger delivers:

  • Multiple USB charging with up to 4 devices connected on USB-A ports
  • Input with worldwide voltage compatibility (100V - 240V)
  • Fast charging on one port with 2.4 amps output and a total output of 6.0 amps
  • Space and electrical outlet economy: it can replace four different USB chargers

The charger has its limitations:

  • It is not compatible with the latest fast charging standards
  • There are no additional power plug adapters for worldwide travel
Product rating 3/5


The Sony CP-AD2M4 charger is a solid performer that delivers what it promises: it charges four devices at once with one of them fast charging. The build quality and the Safe Charge function of the devices means that you can enjoy charging your devices with peace of mind. If you are at home or on the road, and you need to charge at most four devices, Sony CP-AD2M4 is the charger for you. If you need a charger compatible with the latest fast charging standards (Quick Charge 3.0 and newer), or you need to fast charge more than one device at the same time, you need to look for a different model that costs more.

Unboxing the Sony CP-AD2M4 charger

The Sony CP-AD2M4 charger comes packaged in a transparent plastic shell. On the front, you see the Sony brand, the product name, and the Safe Charge claim. Immediately on top, you see the maximum output amperage (6.0A), the number of ports (4), and the length of the power cord. In our package, the cord was 50 cm, but it can come with a one-meter cord as well. The product is visible through the plastic shell on the top part in front.

The front side of Sony's CP-AD2M4 charger packaging

On the back, you can see the main features of the device. It describes Safe Charge, the connection parameters, and the compatibility with various devices. The QR code on the top-right corner directs to the description of Safe Charge on Sony's website.

The back of the package containing the Sony CP-AD2M4 charger

When you open the package, you get the charger, the power cord, and the operating instructions.

The content of the package containing the Sony CP-AD2M4 charger

The unboxing experience is quick and easy, and you can start using the charger right away if you have enough USB cables for your devices.

Hardware specifications and design

The charger is built with quality materials. Sony has tested the device to withstand 5,000 USB cable connections and 3,000 power socket connections. It has a worldwide designation which means it can handle voltage between 100 and 240 volts. There are no plug pin adaptors in the package, so you need to get them. Otherwise, you can't use plugs that don't match what comes with the charger.

The power cord connection for the Sony CP-AD2M4 charger

For the output, the charger has 4 USB type-A ports. For three of them, the output amperage supported is 1.5 amps each. The fourth one supports a fast charging 2.4 amps, and it is marked as such with this value (2.4A) and a line that circles the port.

The USB connections of the Sony CP-AD2M4 charger

The total amperage for all the USB ports is limited to 6 amps. The Safe Charge designation consists of two elements:

  • Heat Resistant Design. The circuits generate less heat because of the efficient design. The case and circuits design inside the charger prevent overheating.
  • Intelligent Power Controller. It means that if a device requires abnormal current to charge, the Sony CP-AD2M4 charger stops discharging immediately. The same is done in case of a short circuit or overheating.

The voltage of the USB output for each of the 4 USB ports is 5 volts. The 2.4 amps amperage for the most potent USB port provides 6 more times power versus a regular USB port. Its power output is 12 watts.

The back of the charger lists a quick summary of the technical specs and the safety and disposal regulations.

The back of the Sony CP-AD2M4 charger

The fast charging standards have evolved well past the 12 watts level with a maximum of 18 watts supported by the standard Quick Charge 3.0 and even 27 watts by Quick Charge 4+. So there is a risk that the Sony CP-AD2M4 charger might be outdated for your devices.

Using the Sony CP-AD2M4 charger

The Sony CP-AD2M4 charger looks and feels like a small brick. It has a sturdy design, and you feel it can easily take the rough and tumble of a frequent traveler or a busy charging schedule in a home with many devices.

When you start with the charger, the first thing to do is to plug in the power cord. You need to apply a harder push to get it in. In turn, you can feel secure that the cord is not going to disconnect easily and leave your devices not charged. The power cord is rather short. On the plus side, it takes less space when traveling. There is no indication of power when you plug in the charger in the electrical socket (there are no LEDs or other indicators on the device).

The Sony CP-AD2M4 charger with the power cord plugged in

The USB ports are all on one side of the charger. It means that it is easier to manage the cables together, and you can tuck the charger hidden from view behind your desk or table where you place your devices when charging.

There are no USB cables provided with the charger. It is true that nowadays each device comes with its cable, but usually, an extra charger means you need extra cables. When you charge your devices in different places (home, office, car, traveling), it is better to have dedicated cables rather than to plug, unplug and risk misplacing them. Once you have sorted out the USB cables, you can plug them into the charger. The USB ports have enough room among them to allow comfortable plugging and unplugging of the USB cables.

Charging 4 different devices with Sony CP-AD2M4

We have tested the capacity of the fast charging port of the Sony CP-AD2M4 charger on a Huawei P10 smartphone, and the surprise was that the time was the same as Huawei's original charger that comes with the smartphone (50% after approximately 30 minutes, fully charged after a little more than two hours). Although the Huawei charger can output 22.5 watts, in practice the average charging power is around 12 watts which is what the Sony CP-AD2M4 charger can output on its 2.4 amps USB port. You may hit the Sony CP-AD2M4 charger limitations once you get devices that indeed take advantage of the latest fast charging standards, but for most of your needs, it gets the job done. Add to that the Safe Charge bonus, and you get good user experience.

In summary, the Sony CP-AD2M4 charger feels like a solid device that gets the job done when you need to charge up to four devices, and you need only one fast charging port.

What is your opinion about the Sony CP-AD2M4 charger?

The Sony CP-AD2M4 is a multiple device charger with a solid build and reliable performance. The price is above average, but you can expect that your devices will be protected and you do not risk overheating or short circuits while charging them. Before closing this review, tell us whether you would buy this charger. Do you consider it a good fit for your needs? What are your expectations for such devices? Comment below and let's discuss.

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