Security for everyone - Review Trend Micro Maximum Security 2017

4 out of 5 stars

Trend Micro is a company with a good reputation in the computer security world. Their products usually offer very solid protection, while at the same time keeping a very low profile in terms of system requirements. They’re also popular among users who want security products that are simple and easy to use. The most complete security product they sell is called Trend Micro Maximum Security 2017 and it promises to give its clients protection against viruses of all kinds, against ransomware, dangerous websites or other things like network threats. We wanted to see exactly how good it is at protecting your Windows devices, so we’ve used and tested it for a week. In this review, we will share our opinion about Trend Micro Maximum Security 2017 and the results of our testing:

The download and installation experience

To get Trend Micro Maximum Security 2017 on your computer, you must first download its installer. It’s an executable file called TTi_11.0_HE_Full , with a size of 269 MB. Unlike other security companies, Trend Micro doesn’t require any personal information if all you want is to download a trial version of its products. We like this approach.

We noticed during its installation that Trend Micro Maximum Security 2017 needs a long time to unpack its files. However, it shouldn’t take more than two or three minutes to see that coming to an end. It’s worth mentioning that you can select a custom location for installing the security suite.

After the installation is done, you can optionally provide Trend Micro with an email address that will be used for sending you news and offers.

After everything is installed and working, Trend Micro Maximum Security 2017 launches a welcoming presentation, in which you can see how the security suite can protect you against ransomware, and enable this protection feature. Take note that you can also close this presentation and deal with the ransomware related settings later.

Next, Trend Micro loads its user interface and starts updating the virus definitions database. That’s a good thing and it means that you will have an up-to-date protection right from the start.

Downloading and installing Trend Micro Maximum Security 2017 are easy and straightforward processes. We appreciate a lot the fact that the company doesn’t ask for any personal information during these processes.

Integration with Windows, web browsers and universal Windows platform apps

When you install Trend Micro Maximum Security 2017 , the security suite disables Windows Defender in order to eliminate the possible issues and conflicts that could appear because you run two similar security products. However, it does not disable the Windows Firewall. The reason is that Trend Micro Maximum Security 2017 uses Windows Firewall to protect you against network threats. We were curious if there’s anything added to the default set of features in Windows Firewall , and while digging through its settings, we found that Trend Micro has a feature called Firewall Booster , which promises to “enhance the protection given by the Windows Firewall and detect botnet programs that can hijack your computer by remote control”. However, this is the only information that we were able to find - Trend Micro doesn’t explain anywhere how exactly it “boosts” Windows Firewall.

The fact that Trend Micro Maximum Security 2017 relies on Windows Firewall means that you will have no issues in using Windows’ networking features. At least we had none when we created or when we associated our test computer to the local network homegroup, or when we used universal Windows platform apps.

When it comes to the online security, Trend Micro Maximum Security 2017 chooses to automatically scan and filter the entire internet traffic that goes on your computer. That means that you will be protected regardless of the web browser you prefer to use. However, the security suite also offers a Trend Micro Toolbar that you can choose to enable in the supported web browsers: Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. If you enable it, the toolbar should provide you with additional security information related to the websites that you visit and the web searches you perform (like, for instance, security ratings).

Then, we moved on to measuring the impact Trend Micro has on your computer’s performance. To get an idea on this matter, we checked whether our test laptop increased its boot time after installing the security suite. The good news is that it added only one second, which is very little. Then we looked at the RAM memory the security suite requires to run all its processes. When nothing of the ordinary happened, Trend Micro Maximum Security 2017 took about 100MB of RAM memory, and when an antivirus scan was running it raised to around 200MB, which is still not a lot for any modern PC.

To get the complete picture, we also used PCMark 8 to assess the overall performance impact on our test computer. We ran the Home accelerated benchmark tests before and after installing the security suite and we found that Trend Micro Maximum Security 2017 had a negative effect of 5% on the overall performance. It’s not much but it’s more than what we’ve seen with other security suites, from other companies.

Trend Micro Maximum Security 2017 is a product that’s very well integrated with Windows and all its networking features. However, we must point out that a main reason for that is the fact that it relies on the Windows Firewall, instead of offering a firewall module of its own. On another note, it’s good to see that the security suite doesn’t increase the boot time by a lot, although things could get better when it comes to the impact it has on the overall performance of our computers.

Ease of use & configuration

Trend Micro is a company with a reputation for building simple and easy to use security products, and that’s confirmed by the user interface we get in Trend Micro Maximum Security 2017. The main console is divided into a few main sections that try to cover all the important aspects regarding your security: Device, Privacy, Data and Family. But what will grab your attention is the big popping-round button sitting in the middle of it all: the Scan button. Click or tap on it and Trend Micro Maximum Security 2017 will immediately launch a system scan for malware and other threats.

The user interface also tells you right from the start whether your Windows computer is protected or not. If all is fine, you’ll see messages displayed in calm green colours but, if something is wrong, those messages will quickly turn to red.

If you want to launch a scan in Trend Micro Maximum Security 2017 , you will do it by pressing on the large Scan button, and if you want to configure something about the way it works, you will only have to check or uncheck a setting. Everything is easy to find and set, even if you use the security suite on a device with touch.

The features, options and settings you get in Trend Micro Maximum Security 2017 are all simple, so there’s very little chance that you won’t understand what everything does. But, if something is unclear, you will be able to get more information by hovering your cursor on the information icons scattered around the user interface. Or, if you need detailed help and support, you can find documentation, request help via email, live chat with a support engineer or call Trend Micro on a dedicated support phone number.

With Trend Micro Maximum Security 2017 being a security product with such a simple user interface, we weren’t really expecting to see detailed logs. Luckily, Trend Micro gives its users not only visually appealing statistics, but also detailed logs that share plenty of details on the state of your security. We like that!

In terms of alerts and notifications, during the time frame in which we used Trend Micro Maximum Security 2017 , we only saw alerts about malware threats. That’s good, because most people like quiet security products that simply do their job and only talk when something meaningful is going on.

Trend Micro Maximum Security 2017 is a security product with a simple user interface. It will certainly please people who want a simple, discreet antivirus software to take care of their security.

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