How to view and remove the cookies stored in Mozilla Firefox

Cookies are bits of information that websites store in your web browser. They allow websites to know details about you and your preferences. For instance, cookies can store data such as the settings you prefer to use, like your location or language preferences, but also personal details such as your name or email address, which are often used to allow you to login to your online accounts. However, websites also create and store cookies in your web browser for other reasons like ads customization or tracking. If you are using Mozilla Firefox and you want to know what cookies the websites you visit store in it, read this guide. We show you how to view and remove cookies in Firefox:

NOTE: If you do not understand what cookies are and how they work, we recommend reading this tutorial: What are cookies & What do they do?.

How to view the cookies stored by a website you visit, in Mozilla Firefox

Start by opening Mozilla Firefox. Then, visit the website for which you want to see what cookies it stores in your web browser. For instance, load our website: DigitalCitizen.Life. Look at the top-right side of the window and click or tap on the "Open Menu" button. Its icon looks like three stacked lines.

In the Menu fly-out, click or tap on "Web Developer."

Then, click or tap on "Storage Inspector." If you prefer, you can also simultaneously press Shift + F9 on your keyboard.

Now, Mozilla Firefox opens its "Developer Tools" console and takes you to the Storage tab and the Cookies sub-section.

Right under Cookies, you should see the website that you are visiting. Click or tap on it and, on the right, Mozilla Firefox shows you the cookies stored by that website. Each cookie is displayed on a row, and for each cookie, you can see several details about it, such as its Name, Domain, the date and time it "Expires on" and when it was "Last accessed on," its Value and so on.

And, if you click or tap on a cookie, Mozilla Firefox shows all its details in a small box on the right side of the window.

As you have noticed in the screenshots above, if you visit a page from our website, Digital Citizen, you receive at least two cookies:

  • cfduid - it comes from CloudFlare, a service that we use to load our website from a server that is near you so that it loads as fast as possible.
  • ga - it comes from Google Analytics, the service that we use to analyze the traffic on our website.

How to remove one or more cookies stored by a web page in Mozilla Firefox

If you want to delete one or more cookies stored by a particular website that you are visiting, go through all the steps from the previous section of this guide. Then, in the Cookies section from the "Developer Tools," right-click or tap and hold on the cookie that you want to remove. This action opens a contextual menu.

As you noticed, there are more delete options to choose from:

  • If you only want to delete the selected cookie, click or tap on the "Delete [name of cookie]" option.
  • If you want to delete all the cookies stored in Mozilla Firefox by the website that you are visiting, click or tap "Delete All From [name of website]."
  • If the website that you are visiting now also loads data from other sources than its own, those sources can create other cookies as well. To remove every cookie stored by the current website and the resources it uses, click or tap "Delete All."
  • The fourth delete option is called "Delete All Session Cookies" and, if you use it, you are deleting only the temporary cookies stored by the web page. They are called "session cookies" because they are created by the website each time you load it and are deleted automatically each time you leave it.

How to see what websites store cookies in Mozilla Firefox

If you want a more user-friendly way of seeing what websites have stored cookies in your Mozilla Firefox, there is one. However, the user interface only lets you see the websites that stored cookies and the number of cookies each of them created. Unfortunately, you cannot see the names, values or other details for those cookies.

To begin, open Mozilla Firefox and then click or tap the "Open Menu" button on the top-right corner of the window.

In the menu, go to Options.

The Options tab opens. Click or tap "Privacy & Security" on the left sidebar.

On the right side of the window, scroll down until you find the section called "Cookies and Site Data." In it, click or tap the "Manage Data…" button.

Now, Mozilla Firefox loads a popup called "Manage Cookies and Site Data" where you can see all the websites that store cookies in your web browser. For each website, you can see how many cookies it stores, but you cannot see those cookies.

How to remove all the cookies stored by Mozilla Firefox

If you want to delete all the cookies stored by all the websites you have visited in Mozilla Firefox, follow the steps from the previous section of this tutorial: go to "Open Menu -> Options -> Privacy & Security -> Cookies and Site Data." Then, instead of pressing the "Manage Data..." button, click or tap "Clear Data...".

Then, in the "Clear Data" popup, make sure you select the "Cookies and Site Data" option and click or tap on Clear.

Confirm your choice in the dialog box that shows up, by clicking or tapping the "Clear Now" button.

Note that if you delete all the cookies, you might have to log in on every website you were logged in before, all over again.

Why do you want to see or remove cookies?

Are you concerned about your privacy or do you think that the web user experience you get without cookies is cleaner and less targeted? Do you like how Mozilla Firefox handles cookies and how it gives you control over them, or would you have preferred an easier way to see all the cookies, rather than by using the "Developer Tools"? Use the comments section below to share what you think.