How to create a Google account in 3 easy steps

Have you bought an Android smartphone and you want to use it? Then you need a Google account. Do you watch videos on YouTube and want to subscribe to your favorite channels? You need a Google account. Have you received a Chromebook and you want to use it? Again, you need a Google account. For those of you who want to create a Google account, we have the perfect tutorial to guide you in creating it:

Step 1. Go to Google's signup page

Open any web browser you want and go to this page for creating a Google account. A form loads where you are requested to fill in lots of information.

Step 2. Complete your Google account information

First, complete your name and type a username. Then, type a password and confirm it. Google has strict requirements for passwords and their security. You must use a password that it is at least eight characters long. Also, it must include a mix of letters, numbers, and symbols (like $?! and so on). You should avoid using passwords that are easy to guess. If you do, you will see a warning in red letters, asking you to try again and enter a more secure password.

Then, complete your birthday and gender. You also have the option not to specify a gender, which some people will appreciate. You will also see other fields for entering your phone number and your current email address. These fields are optional, and you can go ahead without completing them. We recommend that you uncheck the option that says: "Set Google as my default homepage." You might prefer to stick to your existing homepage.

Choose your location and then click or tap Next step.

NOTE: If you are curious to know why Google asks for all this information and how it is used, read this page: Why Google asks for certain info to create an account.

Step 3. Accept the privacy policy and the terms of service

If everything that you entered is OK with Google, you are shown the privacy policy and the terms of service. Read them and then click or tap "I Agree."

You are shown a welcome message, and your account is activated.

Optional: Manage your advanced account settings

In the welcome page, it is a good idea to click or tap Continue. You are now shown all your Google account settings, for things like sign-in and security, personal information and privacy, account preferences and so on.

We recommend that you go through everything and set your Google account as you wish.

Google account limitations

There are some limitations that you should consider when creating a Google account:

  • You cannot create accounts for children. Therefore, if you provide your child's real birthday, you won't be able to create the account for him or her. This means that you have to lie when entering the birthday, meaning that your child gets access to content that may not be suitable for his or her age. We think that this is an important oversight on Google's part, considering how many children have smartphones with Android that require a Google account.
  • You cannot use a different email address for your Google account. You must create a Gmail address. Other companies, like Microsoft, allow you to create accounts with them while using an e-mail address from a different provider. Google forces everyone to have a Gmail address.
  • If you want to enable security options like two-factor authentication, you must provide your real phone number to Google.

What do you need a Google account for?

If you have arrived at the end of this tutorial, you have created a Google account for yourself. Before closing, share with us why you have created a Google account. What do you need it for? Which Google apps and services you want to access using this account?