Find your Windows product key. 8 apps that help you recover it!

If you lost your Windows license key, you could recover it from the computer or device on which it is installed. You can do that with an app that can search for and display the Windows product key. The problem is that there are many apps of this type on the internet and not all of them are good. That's why we decided to test a few of them and identify those that are completely free and which work best with all modern versions of Windows: Windows 10, Windows 7 and Windows 8.1. You never know when you need to recover your lost license key, so let's get started with our app comparison:

1. Find your Windows product key with Belarc Advisor

Belarc Advisor is a free program that you download and install on your PC. It doesn't just show your Windows license key, but it also builds a detailed profile of your software and hardware, network inventory, missing Microsoft hotfixes, antivirus status, and security benchmarks. After it analyzes your computer or device, it shows you the results in a local web page. Look carefully on the left side of the browser window, and you should find a link called Software Licenses: click or tap on it. It takes you to the Software Licenses page section, where it shows you the software licenses it identified, including the one for your Windows installation.

Belarc Advisor report, including Windows serial key

2. Find your Windows product key with Magical Jelly Bean Keyfinder

Magical Jelly Bean Keyfinder has a peculiar name but it is a free program, and it works well. Magical Jelly Bean Keyfinder has a simple user interface, and it displays your Windows product in just a couple of seconds.

Magical Jelly Bean Keyfinder report

3. Find your Windows product key with ProduKey

ProduKey is a small utility that you can use as a portable app or, if you prefer, you can install it. If you choose to use the portable version, you can get it as a ZIP archive. Extract it and run ProduKey.exe. The program launches and displays your Windows product key. This app is small, free, fast and easy to use, so we recommend it!

ProduKey shows the Windows product key

4. Find your Windows product key with SterJo Key Finder

SterJo Key Finder is another small program that's available both as a portable app or as a regular installer. If you choose the portable variant, you get a small zip archive which you must extract. Then, run the KeyFinder.exe executable.

SterJo Key Finder launches and displays your Windows product key in an instant. We like this app because it is portable, free and fast.

SterJo Key Finder displaying the serial key of Windows

5. Find your Windows product key with ShowKeyPlus

ShowKeyPlus is a straightforward portable application. You download it as a zip file, extract it and run the ShowKeyPlus.exe. The app immediately displays the Windows product key, and it is ad-free. It is worth noting that ShowKeyPlus can also find product keys stored inside Windows backups.

ShowKeyPlus identifying and displaying the product key of Windows 10

6. Find your Windows product key with Free PC Audit

Free PC Audit is a free portable tool that you download and run. It is designed to extract details about the hardware components of your PC as well as the software apps installed and their product keys. This information includes the product key of your Windows installation. It is small and ad-free, but it is slow because it analyzes other things besides software licenses. If you are not searching just for your Windows license key, but also other details about your computer, this is a good app, and we recommend using it.

Free PC Audit report

7. Find your Windows product key with Winkeyfinder

Just like its name points out, Winkeyfinder is an app that can find the serial key used by your Windows computer. It's a portable app which means that you do not have to install it.

Open it, and you should immediately see the product key of your Windows PC. Winkeyfinder is small, free and simple to use.

Winkeyfinder reads the license key of Windows 10

8. Find your Windows product key with Windows Product Key Viewer

You can get Windows Product Key Viewer as a portable ZIP file, no installation needed. When you open it, it takes a second or two for it to read the Windows product key. Then, it lists it together with some other information about your computer. We like it because it's free, as well as simple to use.

Windows Product Key Finder showing the Windows product key

Which Windows product key finders are the best?

All the apps we shared in this roundup work well at finding your Windows product key. However, some of them are faster than others, and some of them can also display other kinds of details about your Windows device. The comparison below might help you make a better decision about which of these apps to use:

Comparing the best Windows key finder apps

Some of these apps may even find the product keys of other programs installed on your computer, including Microsoft Office. However, if all you need is a fast method for finding out your Windows license key, any of these apps works.

If you know other ways of quickly finding a lost Windows product key, do not hesitate to share them with us in the comments section below.

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