How to Connect your Windows 8 PC to your Xbox 360 Console

Did you know that, with the help of your Microsoft account, you can connect your Windows 8 PCs or devices with your Xbox 360 console? You can view what's going on on your console, from Windows 8, remote control the Xbox 360. Then, with the help of the Games app, you can purchase games for your console directly from Windows 8, install games remotely to your console and perform other useful tasks. But, to get you started, you must first connect the Xbox 360 console to your Windows 8 PC or device. Here's how this is done:

Step 1 - Install the Xbox SmartGlass App from the Store

You need to install a Windows 8 app named Xbox SmartGlass. If you need some help to find your away around the Store, don't hesitate to read this guide: Introducing Windows 8: The Complete Guide to the Windows Store.

Once the app is installed, go to your console and perform the next step.

Step 2 - Set the Xbox 360 Console to Turn on Xbox SmartGlass Apps

On your console, you must use the same Microsoft account as on your Windows 8 PC or device. Sign in with that account, go to Settings and choose System

Press Console Settings and a long list of settings is displayed.

Then, press Connected Devices.

There, set both Xbox SmartGlass Apps and Play To to On.

This way you can completely remote control your Xbox 360 console from Windows 8. Also, set whether you want to allow game interruption or not.

Now you can go to your Windows 8 PC or device and perform the next step.

Step 3 - Configure the Xbox SmartGlass App in Windows 8

In Windows 8, make sure that you sign in using the same Microsoft account as on your console.

If you haven't use the Xbox SmartGlass app before, you are asked whether you are ready to connect to your console. Click or tap Get started.

Read the instructions shown and click or tap Next.

Wait for Xbox SmartGlass to connect to your console.

When done, you will see a dashboard similar to the screenshot above. The next time you start the Xbox SmartGlass app, it will automatically connect to your console, if the console is turned on.

Then Xbox SmartGlass app is split into four sections:

  • Bing - you can search for content that can be played on your Xbox.
  • Now Playing - you can see what's playing on your console and remote control it).
  • Recent - you can see the recent apps and games played on your console.
  • Spotlight - you can access featured content for your Xbox, like games or movies.


Now that you have connected Windows 8 to your Xbox 360 console, you can interact in many ways with the console, without having to lift your gamepad. In future tutorials we will cover in detail everything you can do from Windows 8 on your Xbox.