2 ways to find your exact graphics card model without opening your PC

If you need to know the graphics card model that you have inside your computer or device, Windows generally tells you generic information like: AMD Radeon RX Series, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 10 Series or Intel HD Graphics Family. Often times, gamers need to know their exact graphics card model and its manufacturer, not the generic series. That's because a series of video cards includes many different models, with different capabilities and performance levels. Here's how to find the exact model of your graphics card and its hardware specifications, in Windows:

Method 1: Use TechPowerUp GPU-Z

First, download GPU-Z and run it. A UAC prompt is shown and you need to press Yes. Here you can choose to install the GPU-Z app (if you press Yes) or you can run the standalone version. We prefer choosing No or Not now.

Windows, graphics, card, model

Then, the TechPowerUp GPU-Z app scans your system and displays information about your graphics card. Here you can see the name of your GPU, the technology used to manufacture it, the BIOS version, memory, operating clocks and so on. However, when it comes to the name of your graphics card, you will still see the generic information that is displayed by Windows. To see the exact model name of your video card, click or tap the Lookup button on the top-right.

Windows, graphics, card, model

Your default web browser opens and it loads the TechPowerUp website, where you can see the exact model name of your graphics card, alongside pictures of the device and very detailed information about its specifications. For example, I have learned that my exact graphics card is ASUS R9 270X DirectCU II TOP. This is the kind of information you are surely looking for.

Windows, graphics, card, model

Method 2: Use HWiNFO

First, download HWiNFO. You should download the 32-bit or 64-bit version, depending on the Windows version that you are using. Also, you can choose the installer or the portable version. We prefer the latter. Depending on the version that you have chosen, you may download an executable file or an archive. If you have downloaded an archive, extract it somewhere on your Windows computer and then run the HWiNFO executable file. A UAC prompt is shown and you need to press Yes.

You are shown the welcome screen where you can select whether you want to see only the sensors and the information they provide, only the summary or run the whole app. To find the information that you need, select "Summary-only" and then press Run or press Run without selecting any option.

Windows, graphics, card, model

HWiNFO will show a summary of your CPU and GPU information. The exact name of your graphics card is found in the GPU section on the right. For example, it says that we have an ASUS R9270X-DC2T-2GD5 graphics card.

Windows, graphics, card, model

If you did not select "Summary-only," HWiNFO also displays another window with full information about the hardware inside your Windows computer. To learn more about your graphics card, double click on Video Adapter and then on the name of your graphics card. Now you will see complete information about the graphics card, including its exact model name.

Windows, graphics, card, model

Which graphics card do you have?

Most tutorials that promise to teach how you to find the name of your graphics card, ask you to run Windows tools like dxdiag or Device Manager. Unfortunately, these tools offer only generic information like the name of the series that you graphics card is part of. Only the apps that we have described in this article are capable of telling you the exact model that you have. If they don't work, your only alternative is to check the original packaging of your graphics card or open your PC and see what's written on the card. Before you close this article, leave a comment and let us know which exact graphics card you have.

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