Digital Citizen Awards: The best antivirus product of the year 2018

Digital Citizen Awards: The best antivirus product of the year 2018

One of the most asked questions on Google regarding security is: "What is the best antivirus?". It is a legitimate question as most people are not security experts and need recommendations to identify the best antivirus product for their computers and devices. The time has come for us to name the best antivirus product of the year, based on our experience in testing the many commercial antivirus products for Windows home users. Here is the product we believe it offers the best protection and user experience, in 2018:


Digital Citizen 2018: The Best Security product award goes to Bitdefender

The competition for the title of the best antivirus product is tough. There are several excellent products with few differences between them, when it comes to capabilities and protection features.

Our testing is rigorous and only a few antivirus products have received the maximum rating of 5 stars. We cannot give this award to more than one product and, after careful consideration, our "Best Security 2018" award goes to Bitdefender Total Security.

Bitdefender Total Security
Bitdefender Total Security

Why Bitdefender Total Security is the Best Security product of 2018

Bitdefender has a positive history of developing excellent antivirus software. Their products have been among the best in the industry for many years now. Here are the reasons why we consider Bitdefender Total Security the best security product of 2018:

Bitdefender Total Security
Bitdefender Total Security
  • The Bitdefender antivirus engine is excellent, and malware cannot get past it easily
  • The web shield blocks the dangerous websites that you might try to visit, in any web browser
  • The firewall module is highly efficient when you connect to public networks, and it can handle network threats with ease
  • The 2018 version now includes a VPN service which helps users protect themselves when they connect to public networks, which are not trustworthy
  • It bundles many useful additional tools, like parental controls, a Wi-Fi Security Advisor, encrypted vaults, webcam protection, a safe file shredder, as well as banking and payment protection.
  • The user interface has a beautiful and consistent design, pleasing both to beginners and advanced users

Bitdefender Total Security is an antivirus product which you can install and forget, but it is also a product which you can configure and control in detail, making it an excellent choice both for casual users and geeks, who desire complete control.

What do you think about Bitdefender Total Security?

We congratulate Bitdefender for the quality of their work and the continuous improvements they make to their security products. They surely deserve this year's award.

Before you close this article, we would also like to know your opinion about Bitdefender products. Have you used them? What was your experience? Do you think they deserve our award?

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