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ASUS ZenBook Duo: Here's why it is a great choice for remote work!

Because of the lockdown, many people have to work from home. Unfortunately, this doesn't necessarily make them productive for a variety of reasons. One might be the laptop they are using for work, which is often old, with dated hardware. To be more productive, you may need to buy yourself a new laptop that is better suited for working from home. One choice to consider should be the ASUS ZenBook Duo. This model has won many design awards for enabling the ultimate productivity. Here's why:

1. ASUS ScreenPad Plus enables new computing experiences

ASUS ZenBook Duo comes with a secondary 12.6" touch display, with an IPS panel, that enables new workflows that have not been seen so far on laptops and ultrabooks. Think of it as a second monitor that can be used to extend what you can do on your laptop. It is especially useful for photographers, video editors, and musicians. However, it is also a productive tool for corporate workers. For example, you can use it to extend a large document, as seen in the picture below, and review it faster than you could even on a standard dual-screen setup.

Working with large documents on the ASUS ZenBook Duo

ASUS ZenBook Duo has an enhanced collection of quick controls for intuitive interactions between the main display and ScreenPad Plus. You can move any app window from one screen to the other, split both screens in separate windows, and more.

Multitasking on the ASUS ZenBook Duo

ScreenPad Plus gives you a larger visual workspace for multitasking. You can manage tasks on the main display while using the second one for extra toolbars, multiple cross-references, and companion apps. The only limit to how you can use them is your imagination. If you want to learn more about it, go to this page where you can see useful information and video tutorials.

2. ZenBook Duo has you covered for both video and audio conferencing

If you need to join or host many conferences while working from home, the ZenBook Duo has everything you need for a pleasant experience. First, it comes with a built-in Realtek array microphone with Cortana and Alexa voice-recognition support. Then, it has an infrared webcam with Windows Hello support and facial recognition, that can record videos at a resolution of 720p and 30 frames per second.

The ScreenPad Plus is especially useful during conferences because it makes it easy to separate the main screen from the secondary one. On the main display, you do your work, or you share it with others. All the chat windows and the video previews are easily moved to the secondary monitor.

Video conferencing is a breeze on the ASUS ZenBook Duo

There's no need to switch between multiple app windows or worry about sharing the wrong window. You just move everything to the screen that's best suited for what you want to do, and you are done. You don't need to connect an external monitor to your laptop for productive conferencing experiences, because the ZenBook Duo has a built-in one.

3. Powerful hardware that handles any task

ASUS ZenBook Duo is a powerful work laptop that can be equipped with a quad-core Intel Core i7-10510U processor or with an Intel Core i5-10210U processor. The RAM can be either 8 GB or 16 GB. The video card is an NVIDIA GeForce MX250 - perfect for video and photo editing, CAD software, and other specialized uses.

The processor inside the ASUS ZenBook Duo

The storage is super-fast, and the ZenBook Duo can have an SSD with a capacity that varies between 256 GB and 1 TB. Booting is also fast, and the webcam with facial-recognition support helps you log in without entering any passwords.

With ASUS ZenBook Duo, you can do anything you wish without lag and frustration. Working on this laptop is a pleasure no matter what you do: software development, business reports and analytics, presentations, video editing, writing, etc. Its hardware is always up to the task, delivering a reliable performance.

4. Wi-Fi 6 for the ultimate in wireless connections

ASUS ZenBook Duo has an Intel Wi-Fi 6 AX201 wireless network card with support for the latest Wi-Fi 6 standard. If you have a wireless router with Wi-Fi 6, like the ASUS ROG Rapture GT-AX11000 or the more affordable ASUS RT-AX58U, you get to enjoy wireless connections up 2.4 Gbps in speed.

ASUS ZenBook Duo works with 2.4 Gbps wireless connections

Our internet connection has a maximum download speed of 1000 Mbps and an upload speed of 500 Mbps. On this laptop, we enjoyed downloads at 853 Mbps and uploads at 494 Mbps, using Wi-Fi 6. You can forget about using network cables at these speeds.

The speed you get with Wi-Fi 6 on the ASUS ZenBook Duo

For remote work, the Wi-Fi can't get any faster than this. You are going to upload and download data at incredible speeds, increasing your productivity.

5. Generous ports and connectivity to do anything you need

Alongside the network card with support for Wi-Fi 6, the ZenBook Duo also has a MicroSD card reader that is very useful to photographers and video editors. You get an HDMI port for connecting to an external display if you fancy having three displays, an audio jack, two ultra-fast USB 3.1 ports, and one USB-C port. There's Bluetooth 5 support for connecting all kinds of accessories like Bluetooth mice, headsets, and more.

Some of the ports on the ASUS ZenBook Duo

If you want to learn more about the hardware specifications of this laptop, go to this page: ASUS ZenBook Duo UX481 - Tech Specs.

What is your opinion about the ASUS ZenBook Duo?

ASUS ZenBook Duo is a sleek and innovative laptop that enables workflows unavailable so far on a device of its type. That's why it has also received many design awards and accolades in product reviews. We like it too, and we consider it a great companion for anyone who has to work remotely and be as productive as possible. Before closing this article, tell us your opinion about this product. Do you like the ASUS ZenBook Duo and its ScreenPad Plus? Would you consider buying it as your next laptop? Comment below and let's discuss.