8 Things You Can Do With The Health & Fitness App In Windows 8.1

If you've always wanted to start exercising, to build a healthy body but didn't know where to begin, the Health and Fitness app from windows 8.1 could get you on the right path. You'll find workouts, diets and tips to help you get started on that dream body, and also to maintain a healthy lifestyle and diet after you reach your goal weight. Let's start and go through all the features that this app has to offer.

1. Explore Popular Diets That Fit Your Personality

The app contains hundreds of diet plans to match any type of nutrition, each one unique in its own way. You can find any type of diet you desire in a matter of seconds.

If you want to get that six pack you've always wanted, or if you suffer from a medical condition and need to follow a strict meal plan, you can choose to search the specific diet that interests you.

2. Create Your Own Diet

Using Diet Tracker you can create your own diet and add all kinds of foods that are found in the app. You can plan your everyday meal, calculate the intake of proteins, fat and carbohydrates, and also keep score of those nasty calories that slow you down.

3. Browse Workouts For Your Desired Body Type

Search workouts that push your limits, suit you the best and adapt them with your lifestyle. From the simplest exercises, to whole body workouts, you can find advanced techniques used by athletes or search for a specific training program using the filter option to fill your preferences.

4. Track Your Workouts

Using Cardio Tracker you can follow all your cardio activities and see the distance, time, pace and calories in one place.

The Analysis feature tracks your activities over time and shows if you moving forward with your training or need to change something in that workout.

5. Learn About The Human Body

The 3D Human Body feature is absolutely mindblowing. It's incredible that something so useful and well designed is available for free. It's a phenomenal learning tool that helps you to better understand your own body. This is an interactive visual search tool that allows users to explore the human body in 3D, with easy to use navigation. You can search multiple layers of the human anatomy, view system and organs down to their smallest parts and understand in detail how the human body works.

6. Check Your Symptoms

If today you feel a little off at the gym or you feel a pain and don't know what's causing it, using this app you can find what's keeping you from reaching your goal. Determining what's bothering you is just a click away. Symptom Checker has such an easy to use design that even a child could use it. After you pinpoint your condition, the app offers detailed information about it such as overview, causes, diagnostics and, of course, a treatment.

7. Look Out Specific Foods

When you want to prepare a healthy meal but don't know exactly what the foods are made of, you can use the Nutrition and Calorie lookup feature and find out what is the nutritional value of that specific thing or dish. In an instant it shows you all the nutritional values that the food or dish holds.

8. Create Your Own Personalized Profile

Using My profile, you can easily group workouts, diets and all kind of things found in the app so you can access them faster. It's great to be able to quickly check how many calories and grams of fat are present in whatever you are consuming, and you can then log this in the app and look at your daily or weekly totals, helping you to stay disciplined.


In conclusion by offering a large variety of workouts and diets, but also relevant tips and useful health information, Health and Fitness allows you to learn about your body and your health in a personalized and efficient way. This app has something to offer anyone with the slightest interest in workouts and nutrition. It can be whatever you want: something you occasionally pick up for reference and to check that you're doing something right, or a step-by-step training companion to help you reach your goals.

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