The Universal Windows Apps that work on Continuum & Windows 10 Mobile

The Universal Windows Apps that work on Continuum & Windows 10 Mobile

One of the greatest features brought by Microsoft with their latest mobile operating system - Windows 10 Mobile - is the Continuum. It's that feature that connects your Windows 10 Mobile device to an external display via a Microsoft Display Dock and allows you to have a desktop-like experience anywhere. Continuum means that, once you have connected your Windows 10 smartphone to an external display, you can use Universal Windows Platform apps on that larger display, just like you would use your desktop PC. It's a great idea, but one that's still in its infancy. There aren't many apps available that support Continuum right now, but the list is growing. Because there's no easy way of finding out which apps work on Continuum, we searched the Web and assembled a list with Universal Windows Platform apps that are available for Windows 10 today and which work on Continuum:


A few things that you should know about Windows apps that support Continuum

Continuum lets you connect your Windows 10 mobile device to a larger screen and enables you to use them together with a keyboard and a mouse, in a desktop PC-like setup.

All that couldn't possibly work without having new kinds of apps available. That's why Microsoft also created a new breed of apps, called Universal Windows Platform (UWP) apps. These apps should work the same way on different device families, whether mobile or desktop oriented. If you want to know more about Universal Windows Platform apps, read this article: Simple questions: What are Universal Windows Platform (UWP) apps?.

Windows 10 Mobile, Continuum, apps, Universal Windows Apps, list, Microsoft Display Dock
Windows 10 Mobile, Continuum, apps, Universal Windows Apps, list, Microsoft Display Dock

You might be tempted to think that Universal Windows Platform (UWP) apps will all work on Continuum, right? Well, not quite! Not all Universal Windows Platform apps support Continuum. In order for an app to work well on Continuum, its developers must program some specific code language that targets Continuum.

If not all UWP apps work on Continuum, how do you know which of them do? Well, for now at least, this is mostly trial and error. If you have a Windows 10 Mobile device that supports Continuum, you can try the apps you find the Store and see if they work in Continuum. However, that's a pretty hard and tedious task to do . That's why we compiled this list of apps that we know they work with Continuum:

The list of Universal Windows Platform apps that support Continuum

If you have a Windows mobile device that offers support for Continuum and you have everything you need for it to work, then the following list of Universal Windows Platform apps that support Continuum might come in handy. We'd like to mention the fact that, besides our own tests, we also benefited from the information found on this Microsoft Community discussion in order to complete our list. We split the apps by category.



  1. Candy Crush Jelly Saga
  2. Candy Crush Soda Saga
  3. Crossy Road
  4. King of Thieves
  5. Lumberjack 10
  6. Mirrors of Albion
  7. Prune
  8. Trivial Pursuit & Friends
  10. World of Tanks Blitz

Remote control apps

  1. Microsoft Remote Desktop Preview
  2. TeamViewer: Remote Control

Video, Music, Pictures, Entertainment

  1. Audiobooks from Audible
  2. be for Behance
  3. Flipagram for Windows Phone
  4. Fused : Double Exposure, Video and Photo Blender
  5. myTube! Youtube app
  6. Microsoft Photos
  7. Movies & TV
  8. PicsArt - Photo Studio


  1. 6tin (Tinder)
  2. Aeries (Twitter Client)
  3. Baconit (Reddit client)
  4. Facebook for Windows Phone
  5. Fenice for Twitter
  6. Line (chat app)
  7. Readit (Reddit client)
  8. Timber (Tinder)
  9. Tweetium

Internet & Email

  1. Microsoft Edge
  2. Microsoft Outlook

News, Sports & Weather

  1. AccuWeather
  2. DailyMail Online
  4. MSN Weather
  5. TED
  6. The Guardian
  7. The Wall Street Journal

File management, Office & Ebooks

  1. Foxit MobilePDF
  2. Kobo eBooks
  3. Microsoft Excel
  4. Microsoft OneDrive
  5. Microsoft OneNote
  6. Microsoft Powerpoint
  7. Microsoft Word
  8. Wattpad: Free Books and Stories


  1. 1Password Beta
  2. AppRaisin
  3. AtomicClock
  4. Disable Screen
  5. Duolingo - Learn Languages for Free
  6. Fitbit
  7. Uber
  8. USAA Banking
  9. WiFi Commander: 3D Analyze & Monitor
  10. Windows Maps


Hopefully, if you plan on using this new and exciting Windows 10 feature called Continuum, or if you already use it, this list of apps that support it will prove helpful to you, just as it did to us. Before you close this article, if you know of other apps that work great with Continuum don't hesitate to share them with us in a comment below. We promise that we'll update the list.

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