Top 6 websites to download Ebooks for free

Ebooks are electronic versions of a traditional print book that can be read with the help of a computer, tablet, smartphone or, of course, an eBook reader . The idea behind using Ebooks is related to a number of reasons of which we can mention the following: saving the environment, as it is no longer necessary to cut down trees for paper and no more space filling, as all of your books can be kept in a small device and not in a huge room full of shelves. Also, in terms of portability, it is easier for you to read anywhere, as all you need is an Internet connection and some time to be able to download an Ebook, instead of having to decide which traditional print book you should take with you. Even though Ebooks are more affordable in comparison to their printed versions, most voracious readers are always on the lookout for electronic books that can be downloaded for free. If you are searching for next great read or simply want to develop your own virtual library, keep reading to find out what are 6 best websites to legally download Ebooks for free:

1. Internet Archive

Internet Archive is an non-profit digital library that provides free public access to a huge number of digitized materials, including websites (the Wayback Machine), music, software applications, images, etc. What is interesting for us, also includes a colection of almost 3 million public domain and out-of-print books from a multitude of libraries and cultural heritage institutions from accross the globe. This website offers a wide selection of texts, published from the beginning of the XIXth century, to some modern best sellers, and a wide palette of genres, from classical poetry to modern fantasy books. Its most interesting feature is the fact that you will be able to download books that can be used in any type of device, as they are offered in a variety of formats: PDF, ePUB, DJVU, AZW, MOBI and more. We are sure that this is the place many of you will be able to find a great book to read in the future, as you will be able to find user created lists on specific topics that you can also access and use.

2. Scribd

Scribd is an amazing website that allows you to find the latest and most popular free Ebooks for any platform you can think off. This website will offer you a great reading experience as it both contains literally "millions of books" and it supports most common document formats from PDFs to Microsoft Office documents and OpenOffice files. The main idea behind this site is that it is a user generated library for all types of documents (arts, science, business, history, SF, romance and others), a kind of Youtube for written content. A very interesting area of the website are self-made books, that are shared by authors themselves and which can be a breath of fresh air from expensive bestsellers. For smartphone users, Scribd even has a downloadable app that will allow you to view Ebooks directly on your Android or iOS device.

3. Project Gutenberg

Project Gutenberg is the grandfather of eBook sites, as it was the first electronic library that provided free public access to an ever growing list of books and publications; from 2000 texts in 1999 to over 50000 in current days. This website has a different approach to legal Ebooks, because it strictly follows the 70 years rule from the death of the author. This means that you will not be able to find recently released books, but you will be able to enjoy reading complete works of classical authors like Edgar Allan Poe, William Shakespeare, Mark Twain or even Winston Churchill. It is a volunteer driven effort to offer great quality Ebooks in a multitude of file formats, including those compatible with Kindle (.mobi) or iBooks (.epub), that you can either download on your device or upload directly to your preferred cloud service. And, best of all, no fees or registration is required.

4. ManyBooks

ManyBooks is yet another website we want to recommend for downloading Ebooks, because it always seems to have something we would like to read. It is an electronic library that is based upon etexts from Project Gutenberg and ebooks from Project Gutenberg of Australia. But, unlike the websites we just mentioned, it will offer you an easier search function, a friendlier interface and a lot of extra information, such as summaries, book reviews or even the site's own recommendations. The visual search option is, also, a great add-in, as it allows users to browse book covers for something that catches their interest. It features a large array of "free literature", as you will find there are more than 33000 out-of-copyright Ebooks available. Also, the website prides itself on its well formatted Ebooks that are available in a dazzling 25 different file types, including LIT, ePUB, MOBI or PDF. You will not find all the recently released titles, but it will surely allow you to discover a good book to enjoy.

5. GetFreeebooks

GetFreeEbooks is a popular website that you can use to find free Ebooks and download them legally. It features an extensive database of texts from multiple genres, that have been collected from all around the world. It takes a different path in terms of visual interface, as you will find that you can search for books either through categories or through small articles with compilations. The site also connects aspiring authors, that can publish their Ebooks for free, with a large online community, who are able to download those Ebooks and offer feedback. Even if you need an account to enter the GetFreeEbooks online community, this website does not require you to register when downloading Ebooks. So, you should definitely give this website a try as it will surely offer you a good book to read.

6. International Children's Digital Library

We thought that, for the end of this list, some of you might enjoy discovering a website where you can find children's books. As such, we found that the International Children's Digital Library is an appealing website that will attract both children and adults with a wide series of free Ebooks, bestsellers from a multitude of countries. The interface is well developed, as it is accessible to children of any age (you can even choose specific age groups) and quite intuitive. You will be able to find award winning children's books from diverse cultures and in a wide range of languages besides English. Children can open an account in a safely manner as personal details do not go further than "What monster would you like to guard your password", but registration is optional as it only helps save age and language preferences and, also, mark pages from partly read books. The only downside is that these books are online accessible online, so you would need a continuous Internet connection. Finally, this website will help your children have a better understanding of other cultures, but also a wider knowledge of their own heritage.


As we said in the beginning, this is our selection of websites where you can legally download free Ebooks for a multitude of devices and in a wide range of file formats. We hope you will be able to find some interesting titles that may become your next great read. Also, if you cannot find your favorite website mentioned anywhere in this article, please feel free to recommend it using the comments form below.