Top 5 must have free add-ons for Microsoft Edge

Most people like to personalize their devices and tools and that applies to web browsers too. Although Microsoft Edge didn’t offer support for extensions when Windows 10 was initially launched, now it does and the Windows Store has them available for you to download and install. If you like Microsoft Edge and you want to expand its features, here is our list of top 5 must have add-ons for this web browser:

NOTE: Microsoft Edge extensions work only on PCs with Windows 10. They don’t work on smartphones with Windows 10 Mobile.

1 . LastPass

LastPass is one of the best password managers and everyone should probably use it. If you like Microsoft Edge and you don’t use the same password for all your various online accounts, LastPass is definitely a must have extension. It will store all your passwords in a secure vault, it will autofill passwords as you browse the web, and it will help you keep your personal information away from prying eyes.

Download: LastPass.

2. Adblock or Adblock Plus

Both AdBlock and Adblock Plus are extensions that are designed to block ads and they do it very well. If you’d rather surf the web and visit websites without being hindered by countless ads everywhere, then install one of these extensions in your Microsoft Edge browser. You’ll absolutely love it, there’s no doubt about it. But, don’t forget that some of the websites that you love are supported by ads and they don’t annoy you like other websites do. Therefore, don’t forget to whitelist our website - Digital Citizen. We will highly appreciate it.

Download: Adblock and Adblock Plus

3. Office Online

There’s a pretty big chance that you are using Office files like Word documents or Excel spreadsheets. But, you might not have the Office apps installed on all your Windows 10 computers and devices.

To be able to work with such files on any Windows 10 PC, all you have to do is install the Office Online extension for Microsoft Edge. It will let you view, edit, or even create Office files, directly from the browser.

Download: Office Online

4. Mouse Gestures

If you like using your mouse more than you like using your keyboard, there is an extension for Microsoft Edge that lets you control the web browser with Mouse Gestures. After installing this extension, you will be able to do things like right click and hold inside Microsoft Edge and then move the mouse to the left, to go back to the previous webpage, or move the mouse right and then to the top, in order to open a new tab. The list of gestures you can perform with your mouse is pretty long, as you can see in the image below.

Download: Mouse Gestures.

5. Microsoft Translator

Many people can speak at least one foreign language, but nobody can understand over 50 languages. Microsoft Translator can do that for you, and you can use its knowledge to translate any webpage you visit in Microsoft Edge. Each time you’re on a webpage in a foreign language, the Microsoft Translate extension will display an icon in the address bar. Click on it and Microsoft Edge will instantly translate that webpage to your current Windows 10 language.

Download: Microsoft Translator.


Although Microsoft listened and developed an extension engine for their new Edge web browser, the truth is that, right now, there are just a few add-ons available in the Store. However, half of them are good and worth installing and using. What extensions would you like to see being developed for Microsoft Edge ? Which extensions you would like added to this list?