Sony WI-1000XM2 - The premium neckband with excellent noise cancellation

Sony had a busy time during IFA Berlin. Besides launching the new Xperia 5, they also announced some interesting neckband earphones - the Sony WI-1000XM2. It is a light product, with a classic design, and some interesting hardware features. This new model has an in-line remote similar to wired earbuds, which allows you to quickly adjust the volume, pause what you are listening to, and so on. If you want to know more about the new Sony WI-1000XM2, its price, availability, and features, read this article:

WI-1000XM2 includes Sony's most advanced noise cancellation engine

If you prefer using wireless neckband earphones instead of Bluetooth headphones such as Sony WH-1000XM3, you might be interested in Sony's new WI-1000X M2 wireless noise-canceling in-ear headphones. The neckband earphones weigh only two ounces or 58 grams, and they are available in two colors: black (pictured below), and silver.

Sony WI-1000XM2 - black color variant

They are expected to cost around €330 or $370, making them a premium product for most people. Their top feature is that they include the same noise-canceling processor found on the Sony WH-1000XM3, which received many accolades from lots of publications, including Digital Citizen.

Sony WI-1000XM2 uses the QN1 HD noise-canceling processor

Sony WI-1000XM2 uses a hybrid driver system that combines one main 9 mm driver with a balanced armature driver. This system guarantees deep bass, clear mids, and a natural high tone sound.

Sony WI-1000XM2 - the hybrid driver system

The neckband has a 3.5 mm port and a USB-C plug for wired connections and charging. The battery lasts 10 hours of playback, and it is fully charged in about 3.5 hours.

Fast charging is also available: Sony WI-1000XM2 can be used for 80 minutes after just 10 minutes of charging.

Sony WI-1000XM2 - silver color variant

The earphones have an angled design, making them sit deeper and more secure in your ears. This way, you get a stable, comfortable fit, and they won't slip out unexpectedly while moving. The noise cancellation is improved too, due to this design choice.

Sony WI-1000XM2 - the earphones have an angled design

Sony WI-1000XM2 is going to be available starting January 2020. We hope that we are going to get a review unit so that we can tell you more about its real-life performance, comfort, and sound quality. Until then, if you want to know more about this headband, and all its hardware specifications, go to this page: Sony WI-1000XM2 - Full Specifications & Features.

What do you think about Sony WI-1000XM2?

The design of the Sony WI-1000XM2 neckband earphones may seem a little boring, and the battery life is similar to that of other products from other brands. However, the noise-canceling features and the rest of the hardware specs are very appealing. Before closing this article, tell us what you think about this neckband and whether you are considering purchasing it.

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