Cybersecurity through education: Kaspersky Interactive Protection Simulation

Kaspersky Lab has developed a strategy that emphasizes education in cybersecurity. Alongside the investment in technology, education is just as crucial for the cybersecurity of a home as it is for a business. What is the point of mounting the most sophisticated lock on the door if the people using the door leave it wide open? Kaspersky Interactive Protection Simulation is a critical component of their education platform. Let's have a sneak peek at what you get with this product:

Kaspersky Lab and the education for cybersecurity

Kaspersky Lab has made a priority of cybersecurity education. In the security environment for a business, the human factor is the highest risk for cybersecurity and email is the entry point for most of the successful cyber attacks. Employees keep on opening attachments or click on dangerous links although, most of the time, there are elements that identify a dodgy email easily. The Kaspersky Security Awareness platform offers solutions that address different levels of responsibility in a company. The basic level starts with training solutions distributed to all employees and continues with specialized solutions depending on the degree of involvement in purchasing and maintaining cybersecurity solutions.

Kaspersky Security Awareness

Kaspersky Interactive Protection Simulation

Kaspersky Interactive Protection Simulation (KIPS) is designed for decisions makers or influencers on the cybersecurity solutions in a company. Without an overall understanding of the cybersecurity landscape, the decisions and the cybersecurity solutions can evolve chaotically and leave gaps in the security of the company. Kaspersky calls the grey area of intersection between different interests and decision areas, the Bermuda triangle of cybersecurity in a company. KIPS gets the factors of decision making and influence together and determines a dialog on simulations that mimic the real life in a company.

Kaspersky Interactive Protection Simulation (KIPS) workshop

KIPS uses board games to structure the interactions of the participants. Combining technology (tablets and an online platform) with physical materials, KIPS quickly creates an environment of involvement and thrill for the participants.

The cybersecurity elements show up naturally, together with the security decisions. The game has pace, rhythm, and identifies the subjects for reflection and decision in the real world that can be made based on a better understanding of the risks in the digital one.

Board game with Kaspersky Interactive Protection Simulation

KIPS introduces concepts that show the diversity of the security risks, how important it is to prevent and how costly it is to repair, and which elements in a company need cyber protection.

Participant certification for Kaspersky Interactive Protection Simulation

KIPS does not become preachy, and it does not patronize its participants. In the end, the participants can draw their own conclusions. After all, each company knows its priorities best, and how much money and resources it can afford to allocate (or not) to cybersecurity.

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How effective is the cybersecurity in your company?

Humankind evolved for a long time, to reach the level of security that we enjoy today. In just a few years, the internet has crushed society like a tsunami of information and technologies that we hardly know how to manage have appeared. Cybersecurity is the same as the real world security: a simplification factor of our lives. Life in front of the computer or the smartphone becomes complicated without a decent level of safety. Instead of concentrating on our goals, either professional or private, we run from one crisis to the next. How do you perceive cybersecurity in your office environment? Do you get the level of safety you need to do your job well? Leave a comment below and let's discuss.

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