How to Switch to a Local Account from a Microsoft Account in Windows 8.1

We've already provided information about how to switch from a local account to a Microsoft Account for those Windows 8.1 users who want to take advantage of new features of Microsoft's newest operating system. However, we've neglected to help out any users who have tried out using a Microsoft account and aren't impressed. If you are such a user and you want to switch from logging in with a Microsoft account to logging in with a traditional local account, read this tutorial.

Access the Switch to Local Account Wizard

First, log in with your Microsoft account. In order to launch the "Switch to a local account" wizard, you'll need to access PC Settings. Open PC Settings using one of the methods described in this tutorial: Six Ways to Access PC Settings.

When the PC Settings window loads, select the Accounts section.

Locate and click or tap the link that reads Disconnect.

Follow the Steps in the Switch to Local Account Wizard

At this point, Windows 8.1 will take over and guide you through the rest of the procedure. You'll first have to verify your Microsoft account's password for security purposes. Enter your password and press the Next button to continue.

Enter a username and password for the local account that you want to create. Create a password hint if you wish and click or tap the Next button to continue.

Click or tap "Sign out and finish" to allow Windows 8.1 to complete the account configuration and log you out.

Once you're signed out, select your new local account to log back in. That's all there is to it. You now have a local account that works just like any account that you have previously used in older versions of Windows.


All of your account settings, including apps that you've downloaded, will be migrated over to your new account. Even though you will no longer be logging in with your Microsoft account, it hasn't disappeared. You can still input that information into any installed apps that require it to unlock their full functionality. This means that you have the option to upgrade to a Microsoft account to download any apps you want, then switch back to local for your peace of mind.

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