How To Format Text In Microsoft Office Word For Android

Once you have some text in a document you really want it to make it look as good as possible. This means that you will need to use some text formatting tools, to change the look of the text in order to have it match the type of document you are creating. Microsoft Word on Android offers quite a lot of features to change the appearance of the text: the options range from various fonts, text styling and different style presets. Let's see how they work!

NOTE: Before going any further, we will first need some text to work on: you can either create a new document or open an existing one.

How To Change Text Formatting In A Document In Microsoft Word For Android

Start by selecting the text you want to format.

You can access basic editing operations in the popup bar: tap Cut or Copy to place the text in the clipboard, or tap Paste to insert text from the clipboard.

Tapping Paste opens up a menu with additional options: you can paste the text from the clipboard as is, keep its source formatting or keep only the text, without formatting.

Text formatting options are available from the Home menu. To open it, tap the icon that looks like the letter A.

To change the text font, tap on the font name. For instance, tap on Calibri.

Choose a new font from the list and tap on it to apply it.

To change text size, tap on the current size indicator, on the right side of the font name.

Choose a new size and tap on it to apply it.