Download the largest collection of Windows desktop shortcuts for free!

Download the largest collection of Windows desktop shortcuts for free!

We've created what we believe to be the most extensive library of Windows 11 and Windows 10 shortcuts. It includes 228 shortcuts for settings, tools, and system apps common to Windows 11 and Windows 10. They are created in such a way that they should all work on each and every Windows computer. Do you want to get all the Windows desktop shortcuts we made for you? Read on to see in detail what’s in our shortcut collection, and, if you want them, download the ZIP file at the end of this article:


Windows 11 & Windows 10 shortcuts

Inside the Windows folder, you will find the following shortcuts:

  • Administration Tools: Computer Management, Control Panel, Disk Cleanup, Disk Defragmenter, Event Viewer, Indexing Options, Services, System Configuration, System Restore, System, This PC, Windows Firewall with Advanced Security, Memory Diagnostics Tool
  • Appearance and Personalization: ClearType Text Tuner, Color Management, Desktop background, Desktop Icon Settings, Display Color Calibration, Display Settings, File Explorer Options, Fonts, Notification Area Icons, Personalization, Project - Display Switch, Screen Saver Settings, Taskbar Properties
  • Clock, Language, and Region: Add clocks for different time zones, Date and Time, Region

Windows desktop shortcuts collection

Windows desktop shortcuts collection

  • Ease of Access: Accommodate learning abilities, Accommodate low vision, Change how your keyboard works, Change how your mouse works, Change the Narrator voice, Control the computer without the mouse or keyboard, Ease of Access Center, Hear a tone when keys are pressed, Hear text read aloud with Narrator, Ignore repeated keystrokes using FilterKeys, Let Windows suggest Ease of Access settings, Magnifier, Magnify portions of the screen using Magnifier, Move the pointer with the keypad using MouseKeys, Narrator, On-Screen Keyboard, Optimize for blindness, Optimize visual display, Press key combinations one at a time, Replace sounds with visual cues, Speech Recognition, Turn High Contrast on or off, Turn Magnifier on or off, Turn off automatic window arrangement, Turn off background images, Turn off unnecessary animations, Turn on easy access keys, Turn On-Screen keyboard on or off, Use audio description for video, Use screen reader, View current accessibility settings
  • File Explorer: Change search options for files and folders, Change the file type associated with a file extension, File Explorer, Show hidden files and folders, Show or hide file extensions, Specify single- or double-click to open
  • Hardware and Sound: Add a Bluetooth device, Add a Device Wizard, Change Bluetooth settings, Change device installation settings, Change Windows To Go startup options, Device Manager, Devices and Printers, Keyboard Properties, Mouse Properties, Power Options, Scan a document or picture, Set up USB game controllers, Sound, View scanners and cameras
  • Network and Internet: Advanced sharing settings, Internet Properties, Media streaming options, Microsoft Edge InPrivate, Microsoft Edge, Network and Sharing Center, Network connections, Network
  • Productivity Shortcuts: Recycle Bin, Settings, Show Desktop, Show Start, Shut Down Windows, Volume Mixer, Windows Mobility Center
  • Programs: Command Prompt, Component Services, Computer Management, Control Panel, Default Programs, Defragment and Optimize Drives, Disk Cleanup, Event Viewer, File Explorer, iSCSI Initiator, Local Security Policy, Magnifier, Notepad, ODBC Data Sources (32-bit), ODBC Data Sources (64-bit), On-Screen Keyboard, Performance Monitor, Print Management, Private Character Editor, Programs and Features, Recovery Drive, Registry Editor, Remote Desktop Connection, Resource Monitor, Run, Services, Steps Recorder, Sync Center, System Configuration, System Information, Task Manager, Task Scheduler, Turn Windows Features On or Off, Windows Defender Firewall with Advanced Security, Windows Fax and Scan, Windows Media Player, Windows Memory Diagnostic, Windows PowerShell (x86), Windows PowerShell ISE (x86), Windows PowerShell ISE, Windows PowerShell, Windows Remote Assistance, Windows Speech Recognition, Windows Tools, WordPad
  • Shut Down Menu: Hibernate, Lock - Switch User, Log Off, Reboot And Go To Advanced Startup Options Screen, Reboot to UEFI BIOS, Restart, Shut Down, Sleep, Slide To Shut Down, Stop Shut Down
  • System and Security: God Mode, About Windows, Adjust the appearance and performance of Windows, Administrative Tools, Allow remote access to your computer, Allow Remote Assistance invitations to be sent from this computer, Backup and Restore (Windows 7), Change workgroup name, Check processor speed, Configure advanced user profile properties, Create a recovery drive, Create a restore point, Device Encryption, Edit environment variables for your account, Edit the system environment variables, File History Backup, File History Restore, How to change the size of virtual memory, Invite someone to connect to your PC and help you, or offer to help someone else, Join a domain, Manage BitLocker, Manage Work Folders, Microsoft Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool, Recovery Media Creator, Rename this computer, Restore data, files, or computer from backup (Windows 7), Security and Maintenance, See the name of this computer, See which processes start up automatically when you start Windows, Select users who can use remote desktop, Show how much RAM is on this computer, Show which operating system your computer is running, Show which workgroup this computer is on, Storage Spaces, System Information, System Properties, Task Manager, User Account Control Settings, View advanced system settings, View system resource usage in Task Manager, Windows Defender Firewall - Disable, Windows Defender Firewall - Enable, Windows Firewall
  • Tablet PC: Handwriting Recognition Personalization, Touch Keyboard and Handwriting Panel
  • Troubleshooting: DirectX Diagnostic Tool, Hardware & Devices Troubleshoot, Incoming Connections Troubleshoot, Internet Connections Troubleshoot, Internet Explorer Performance Troubleshoot, Internet Explorer Safety Troubleshoot, Network Adapter Troubleshoot, Performance Monitor, Playing Audio Troubleshoot, Power Troubleshoot, Printer Troubleshoot, Recording Audio Troubleshoot, Resource Monitor, Shared Folders Troubleshoot, Steps Recorder, System Maintenance Troubleshoot, Windows Media Player DVD Troubleshoot, Windows Media Player Library Troubleshoot, Windows Media Player Settings Troubleshoot, Windows Troubleshooting Tools
  • User Accounts and Family Safety: Manage Web Credentials, Manage Windows Credentials, User Accounts Netplwiz (Hidden), User Accounts
  • Windows PowerShell: Windows PowerShell (x86), Windows PowerShell ISE (x86), Windows PowerShell ISE, Windows PowerShell

Windows desktop shortcuts download link

These shortcuts work on any Windows 11 or Windows 10 computer. Some of the apps, though, are available only on Windows Professional and higher editions, so their shortcuts don’t work if you have a Windows Home edition that doesn't include them. Also, we’d like to point out that, although we've received requests for shortcuts that can only be created with third-party tools (not found in Windows), we decided not to include such third-party tools in our Windows desktop shortcut collection. Our decision was based on the fact that the purpose of our collection is to use existing Windows 11 and Windows 10 tools and commands only. Still, if you want a shortcut not included in our collection, leave a comment, and we will try to add it to the package.

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