How to add clocks to the taskbar's notification area in Windows

If you work and talk with people all over the world, it is very useful to add more clocks to the Windows taskbar, so that you can quickly view the time in other parts of the world . Windows lets you add two clocks alongside the clock you have for your local time and adding them is relatively easy. Here's what to do in order to view the time in other parts of the world, straight from the Windows taskbar:

NOTE: The process involved is exactly the same in Windows 10, Windows 8.1 and in Windows 7. The illustrations we used are from Windows 10.

How to add up to two clocks on the taskbar's notification area

The first step is to open the Control Panel. If you don't know how to do this, read the guide that's relevant to your version of Windows :

In the Control Panel window, click or tap "Clock, Language and Region".

Then, look for the link that says "Add clocks for different time zones" , in the Date and Time category of settings and click or tap on it.

The Date and Time window is opened, at the Additional Clocks tab. If, for some reason, you are on a different tab, click or tap Additional Clocks. Here you can add one or two clocks that will be accessible from the taskbar. To enable the first clock, check the first "Show this clock" box.

Select the time zone you are interested in. The clock you enabled will show the time for the time zone that you selected. Then, in the "Enter display name" field for the clock that you just enabled, type a suggestive name, like the name of the country or the city that you are interested in. If you want to enable a second clock, check the second "Show this clock" box, select the time zone and type a name for that clock.

In order to apply your settings, click or tap OK.

How to view the time in other parts of the world, from the taskbar

Once you have added the two additional clocks, for the time zones you are interested in, hover the mouse over the time and date that is displayed on the notification area of your taskbar. If you have Windows 10, here's how the two additional clocks are shown alongside your local time:

If you click or tap the time and date that is displayed on the notification area of your taskbar, Windows 10 shows a lot more information, including the calendar, today's agenda and the time: both for your local time zone and the clocks that you have enabled.

In Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 things are a bit different than in Windows 10. If you hover the mouse over the time and date, in the notification area of your taskbar, you will see the time for the two additional clocks, just like in the screenshot below.

If you click the local time and date, the calendar is shown, alongside analog clocks showing the time for the locations that you have selected.

Useful information, isn't it?


Every time I install Windows on any of my computers and devices, I always add additional clocks, so that I can easily view the time in different countries and areas, where most of my collaborators live. It saves me the pain of converting the time manually, so that I know when to call them, expect them to be online and so on.