Security for everyone - Review VIPRE Internet Security Pro

2 out of 5 stars

VIPRE develops security products which promise to deliver a high level of malware protection, that are easy to manage and will never slow down your computer. Their premium security solution is called VIPRE Internet Security Pro and, besides the usual security layers and modules, it also bundles some additional tools that should provide more value for your money . We’ve used and tested this antivirus product for a week or so, and today we’d like to share with you all the good things, and the bad things, that we’ve found about it, in this review:

The download and installation experience

The first thing you’ll have to do in order to get VIPRE Internet Security Pro on your PC is to provide the company with a valid email address. Then, you’ll get to download a small 6.24MB executable file called setup-VIPRE-internet-security-pro-trial.exe. Run it and you’ll meet the VIPRE Internet Security Pro installation wizard which, for starters, will ask you to agree with the end user license agreement. You can also choose where you want it to be installed.

Then, the wizard will start to download all the files required for the installation of VIPRE Internet Security Pro. In total, you should get no more than 54MB of data. That’s not much, but you will also get an additional 190MB of virus definitions data when the security suite runs its first update. The latter number is quite large and, depending on your internet connection speed, this step could take a while. However, we must note that it’s a good thing that the security suite automatically updates its virus definitions right from the start.

Before the installation is ended, VIPRE Internet Security Pro also asks if you’d like to submit security information to their ThreatNet service. We recommend that you do that, because this information will be used by the company’s engineers to make their software react better against malware threats.

VIPRE launches its user interface which, at first glance, looks simple and easy to use, but we’ll talk more about it later in the Ease of use & configuration section of this review.

The first steps in getting VIPRE Internet Security Pro on your Windows computer are fairly easy to go through. There’s not much personal information requested from you and we like that. However, you should expect this process to take a while because you will have to download a rather large amount of data from the internet.

Integration with Windows, web browsers and universal Windows platform apps

The first thing we’ve looked at in terms of integration with Windows was whether VIPRE Internet Security Pro automatically disables Windows Firewall and Windows Defender. The good news is that it did, and that means you won’t stumble upon conflicts or performance issues. We’ve also checked if the networking features work as they should and they did: we were able to join and create a homegroup on the local network, we were able to access the files and folders shared in the network and we had no issues when we used universal Windows platform apps.

Unfortunately, we also found that the firewall module included in VIPRE Internet Security Pro doesn’t actively monitor the network profile you set in Windows. However, it does see when you connect to a new network and asks you each time what type it is. If it’s a home or office network you can set VIPRE’s firewall to trust it, and if it’s an unsecure network you can set the firewall to consider it public. The appropriate level of trust is important for your security so choose carefully when VIPRE Internet Security Pro asks you.

In order to protect you online, VIPRE Internet Security Pro scans and filters all the internet traffic from your computer and that means that you will be protected in any web browser you like to use.

We also wanted to see if VIPRE has a meaningful negative effect on the performances of our test computer. We began by measuring the boot time with BootRacer , before and after installing the security suite on the PC. Apparently, the security suite is very light because our average boot time increased by only 0.4 seconds, which is a very small value. Then we checked how much RAM memory the suite needs to keep all its services up and running. It looks like it needs around 80MB when nothing is happening and about 240MB when you run an antivirus scan or when malware is detected.

To get the complete idea on how much this security suite affects the overall performance of our test computer, we also ran the Home accelerated tests offered by the PCMark 8 benchmarking application, before and after we installed VIPRE Internet Security Pro. The score we got was the same, which shows that this security product is very light on its impact on computer performance.

VIPRE Internet Security Pro is a security suite that’s well integrated with Windows and all its networking features. We appreciated the fact that it needs very few system resources in order to do its job, but we would have wished that its firewall module was able to automatically detect the network profile that you set in Windows.

Ease of use & configuration

VIPRE Internet Security Pro offers a simple user interface, although it’s a very ugly one. It’s a fixed size window with very few sections, options and buttons on it. Normally, we would like that, but the way VIPRE decided to throw everything in is, to say the least, uninspired. Portions of text use a font that’s too small to understand, there are large blank spaces that have no meaning and there is no structure when it comes to dividing settings and features from one another. VIPRE should hire a user interface designer!

Even if the user interface looks like it was drawn by a child, we must admit that there’s also a good part about it: you won’t have issues in using it on any device you own, including on touchscreen devices, because the security suite’s features and settings are usually controlled by switches or large buttons.

One other feature that we appreciated in VIPRE Internet Security Pro is the large palette of available help options. There are help tooltips displayed for complex settings, offline help files and access to phone support, community forums and documentation.

If you are an experienced PC user you will probably be very happy with the logs and statistics included in VIPRE Internet Security Pro. But, if you are a beginner, and you expect to see visual statistics that are easy to understand, you’re out of luck , as it doesn’t have anything like that.

During the time in which we tested VIPRE Internet Security Pro , we saw it display notifications and alerts about malware infected files. However, we didn’t see any firewall alert.

VIPRE Internet Security Pro is a security product that could benefit a lot from a user interface overhaul. We appreciate a few things like the large buttons and switches that make it easy to use on touchscreen devices, but the chaotic way in which it’s organized is horrible.

Go to the next page of this review and see how effective VIPRE Internet Security Pro is at protecting your computer from network attacks and malware. You will also see our final verdict for this antivirus product.