Reviewing the Trust Universal Stand for Tablets

4 out of 5 stars

If there's one thing we don't like about the tablet world it's that there are many tablet stands that are customized to work with a tablet of one specific size, but there are very few stands that work with tablets of different sizes. Recently, we felt the need for a stand that we could use for tablets that ranged between 7 inches and 12 inches and we were surprised to see how very few options we have. We don't want to buy separate stands for each tablet in our household. We want one stand that works with all our tablets. Luckily, we've found the Trust Universal Stand for Tablets (item number #18194) - an affordable and simple device that promises to do the trick. If you want to know whether this device is useful to you too, read this review:

Unboxing the Trust Universal Stand for Tablets

The Trust Universal Stand for Tablets (item number #18194) comes in a simple cardboard box. On the front you can view a picture of the device, as well as its most important characteristics.

On the back, you get a summary of this product's characteristics , written in several languages.

When you open the box, you will get to see the stand, packaged in another box, for safe transportation.

That's it. There's no user manual, warranty card and so on. In the end, this is a very simple device.

Trust Universal Stand for Tablets - Specifications

In terms of specifications, there's very little to say about this stand: it's made of plastic, it has rubber feet for a good grip, and its size is of 30mm (1.18 inches) in Height, 106mm (4.17 inches) in Width and 155mm (6.10 inches) in Depth. The stand is very easy to carry as it weighs only 175 grams or 6.17 ounces.

The stand has an adjustable viewing angle and you can position a tablet on it both vertically and horizontally. You can use it with tablets that have a minimum size of 7 inches and a maximum thickness at the edge of 11mm (0.43 inches).

You can view the official specifications of this stand, here.

Using the Trust Universal Stand for Tablets

Using a stand for tablets is, well… very easy. The only catch is how you open and close the stand in the correct position, so that you don't break it and you can carry it easily.

To open the stand, grab the shorter edge and rotate it clockwise, as shown below.

Stop the short edge in the position that's best suited for the tablet that you want to use, at a comfortable angle.

Then, place the tablet on the longer edge of the stand, in the rubber slot that's made for storing your tablet(s). We used the Trust Universal Stand for Tablets with devices that were 7 inch es and 12 inch es wide. Both worked very well and we had no issues. We positioned them both horizontally and vertically and worked on these tablets as we wanted to. The stand always had a good grip and the adjustable viewing angle was very useful. The rubber feet do a very good job of keeping everything stable, so that the stand doesn't slip or fall easily.

When closing the stand, there's only one correct way of doing it. Don't rotate the short edge clockwise, like you did when opening it.

You won't be able to fully close the stand and it's going to be harder for you to carry it in a bag.

When closing the stand, rotate the short edge counterclockwise and it will fold in the correct position.

Where To Buy

As mentioned earlier, the Trust Universal Stand for Tablets is light and you can carry it with you with ease. Also, the plastic it is made of seems to be of good quality and you shouldn't encounter any durability issues. However, we have used it only for a week and we can't testify whether it will last long or not.

Product Rated


The Trust Universal Stand for Tablets is a simple stand that's small, easy to carry around, very adjustable and compatible with many tablets. As long as your tablet has a minimum size of 7 inches and a maximum thickness at the edge of 11mm (0.43 inches), you can use it without any issues. There's not a lot else we can say about this device: it's very affordable, it does a good job and it is worth buying. We recommend it to anyone in need of a good and flexible tablet stand.