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Xiaomi has become a large company that makes all kinds of devices that we wouldn't have expected to see a couple of years ago. One such area is the vacuum cleaning market, where Xiaomi is present through its ROIDMI subsidiary. During the last few weeks, we've used a portable wireless vacuum cleaner made by them, called the ROIDMI Nano P1 (Model XCQP1RM). If you're interested in such a device, read this review to find out more about it before making a buying decision:

ROIDMI Nano XCQP1RM: Who is it good for?

The ROIDMI Nano XCQP1RM is a good device for:

  • People who want a portable wireless vacuum cleaner
  • Computer users who like to keep their keyboards clean 🙂
  • Anyone who needs something portable to vacuum electronics, sofas, cars, clothes, etc.

Pros and cons

These are the things we like most about the ROIDMI Nano XCQP1RM:

  • It is small and portable
  • Its engine delivers quite a good amount of power for such a small device
  • It has a HEPA filter, which is a big Yes for people with allergies
  • You can charge it on USB
  • A single charge lets it run for 25 minutes

There are some downsides to consider too:

  • This portable vacuum cleaner takes a long time to charge
  • Its waste bin is small and gets filled fast
Product rating 4/5


The ROIDMI Nano XCQP1RM proved to be a wireless vacuum cleaner that's excellent for occasionally cleaning small surfaces. We like it and believe that it can be a good companion to have in your car, as well as near your computers and gadgets. If you tend to eat on your work desk or if you have children that leave crumbs all over your car, you might want to buy the ROIDMI Nano XCQP1RM. The same if you need to clean things like clothes or sofas. However, keep in mind that it takes a while to charge it and that its waste bin gets filled relatively fast.

Unboxing the ROIDMI Nano XCQP1RM portable wireless vacuum cleaner

ROIDMI Nano XCQP1RM portable wireless vacuum cleaner is packaged in a white cardboard box that's all wrapped in plastic. On two of its sides, you can see large pictures of the device, and on the other two, there are printed details about its features and specs.

ROIDMI Nano XCQP1RM: The box

Inside the box, there's the vacuum cleaner, a USB Type-A to micro-USB cable for charging it, and the instruction manual.

ROIDMI Nano XCQP1RM: What's inside the box

The package in which the ROIDMI Nano XCQP1RM portable wireless vacuum cleaner arrives looks good and contains everything you need to start using it.

Design and specifications

Nano XCQP1RM is a portable wireless vacuum cleaner made by ROIDMI, a company that's part of the XIAOMI group. The device itself is rather small; it has a long cylindrical shape, and, at first sight, we must say that it looks pretty well made. There are two versions of this cordless vacuum cleaner that share the same specifications. One is black, while the other is white. We tested the black one.

The ROIDMI Nano XCQP1RM when running

On one of its sides, there's the power button, which turns blue when the vacuum cleaner runs. Opposite of the power button, there's also a small LED flashlight that turns on automatically and can help you see the surface you're cleaning better.

The LED flashlight and the micro-USB port on the ROIDMI Nano XCQP1RM

The dust, hair, and all the other things that you're cleaning are vacuumed through a suction hole found at the top of the cleaner. According to ROIDMI, the device has a power of 60 Watts, and the engine inside can rotate at 45000 RPM.

The vacuum hole of the ROIDMI Nano XCQP1RM

The suction hole/head is "adjustable" meaning that you can unfold its magnetic nozzle and, with a simple push of a button, enable or disable its built-in brush.

The vacuum cleaner has a magnetic nozzle and a built-in brush

With a length of 27.6 cm (10.87 inches), a width of 6 cm (2.36 inches), and a weight of 500 grams (17.64 oz), the ROIDMI Nano XCQP1RM has a rather small waste bin that can only collect about 50 ml of dust and crumbles.

The device is powered by a 2200 mAh battery that's charged via USB and theoretically lets you use it for about 25 minutes on a charge. Although this running time is decent for such a device, the charging time is kind of long: four hours.

The ROIDMI Nano XCQP1RM is charged via a USB Type-A to micro-USB cable

For more details about the ROIDMI Nano XCQP1RM, visit this webpage: P1 Cordless Hand-held Vacuum Cleaner.

ROIDMI Nano XCQP1RM looks good and easy to handle. It's quite powerful for a portable wireless vacuum cleaner. That, and the fact that it can run on battery for about 25 minutes are probably its strongest assets. However, the waste bin is small, and the charging time is long.

Using the ROIDMI Nano XCQP1RM portable wireless vacuum cleaner

Before putting it to the test, I first checked the filters of the ROIDMI Nano XCQP1RM portable wireless vacuum cleaner. Between the engine part of the body and the waste bin, I found a small dust HEPA filter. This makes it a better portable vacuum cleaner than most. I'm allergic to dust and mites, and HEPA filters are a must for people like me.

The HEPA filter used by the ROIDMI Nano XCQP1RM

At the other end of the cleaner, there's another more coarse filter that also helps to stop larger particles from getting out of the vacuum cleaner.

The coarse filter found on the ROIDMI Nano XCQP1RM

The ROIDMI Nano XCQP1RM proved to be efficient at cleaning keyboards, sofas and chairs, and even the insides of my desktop computer. It managed to vacuum not only dust, but also hair and even crumbles of chips I had on my laptop's keyboard. 🙂

Cleaning a laptop keyboard with the ROIDMI Nano XCQP1RM

I've also used it in my car to clean its inside a bit. This is not a vacuum cleaner to use on a very dirty car. Still, it does a pretty good job of cleaning small spaces that are hard to get to, like the area surrounding the gearshift or under the car seats.

Cleaning inside a car with the ROIDMI Nano XCQP1RM

Because it's pretty powerful and because it can reach narrow spaces, the ROIDMI Nano XCQP1RM is an excellent portable wireless vacuum cleaner for occasional cleaning of electronics, cars, clothes, and furniture. Personally, I like it quite a lot and I recommend it to my friends and family.

Are you interested in such a device?

Now you know more about the ROIDMI Nano XCQP1RM and what this portable wireless vacuum cleaner can do. Are you interested in buying it, or are you looking at other options? We're curious to know what you're thinking about it, as well as what other similar devices you've considered buying, so if you don't mind, leave a comment below.

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