4 reasons why the HyperX gaming accessories are a "Best Buy" right now

Kingston is a company that's renowned for the memory products it creates.During the last few years, the company has extended its portfolio and has also entered the market for gaming accessories, trying to make its way in an already very competitive environment. After we have seen, tested and played with quite a few of their gaming accessories, created under the HyperX brand, we can say that they are a "best buy," at least at this moment. If you like to play on your computer and you want to see why it is worth buying yourself a keyboard, a mouse or a pair of headphones branded HyperX, read this article:

1. Good performance

First of all, all the gaming devices created by Kingston under the HyperX brand name are devices of high quality, with good to high performance. You will not find any HyperX gaming accessory that does not have at least good performance. The company bets on the fact that no true gamer is content with second-hand peripherals, with uncertain performance. You do not have to be a professional gamer to be able to appreciate what a mouse with a good DPI resolution or what a keyboard with a unique tactile feedback means.

Ask a gamer who likes shooters most of all, and he or she will surely tell you that one of the most important things in making a gaming experience better is a pair of headphones with good sound, which covers all the essential audio spectrum. Moreover, if you want to have an even greater tactical advantage in front of your enemy, then you surely want headphones with surround sound.

2. Accessible price

Most of the HyperX devices are available at friendly prices, the manufacturing company betting their bottom dollar on the fact that they can offer quality at a cost that's not unreasonable.

Some excellent examples are the HyperX Cloud Stinger headphones which are available on Amazon at a cost of about $50, the HyperX Pulsefire FPS mouse that you can buy for less than $50, or the HyperX Alloy FPS mechanical gaming keyboard which you can find at $100 also on Amazon. If you ask us, these are prices that are very hard to beat when it comes to gaming accessories of high quality.

There are also some HyperX peripherals, such as the HyperX Cloud Revolver S, which have a relatively high price, a price that not everybody can afford. Still, even these headphones fall in the same category of products that have a better price than what the competition has to offer for the same amount of money. For instance, the HyperX Cloud Revolver S has a price of less than $150, and for your money, you get a very comfortable pair of headphones, with high performance, Dolby sound, and USB audio. It is going to be hard for you to find a device with the same specifications at the same price, from other manufacturers.

3. High-quality materials

Another detail where HyperX shines is the quality of the materials it uses for making its devices and their inherent reliability. Gaming accessories are by definition objects that are likely to wear out faster than others. Gamers use peripherals like mice, keyboards, and headphones, more than a programmer does, who is already a type of user that's renowned for the huge time they spend in front of their computers. A gamer knows how to stress not only his or her video card but also the same or even more, his or her keyboard and mouse.

Everyone who's ever played League of Legends knows that, usually, the most worn out keys are QWER and C. Everyone who's played Counter Strike or is a fan of FPS games knows that the WASD keyboard keys are the first that cannot be read, and those who have played Diablo a lot probably replaced more than a few computer mice. Gamers use their peripherals until they run out of steam. Why? Because they use them a lot. Fortunately, this also means that the gaming market is positioning itself so as to answer to these needs. As a result, most gaming peripherals that are manufactured by renowned companies are devices created with materials of high quality, which should last. Kingston is no exception to the rule, and the HyperX brand name is already known for the quality of the materials used for manufacturing.

The HyperX Alloy FPS keyboard comes with an additional set of keycaps for the WASD and 1234 keys, made from a metallic material so that they can resist even when used by shooters fans. Moreover, the HyperX Cloud Stinger and the HyperX Cloud Revolver S headphones benefit from a frame made from aluminum, which is obviously built to last.

All the HyperX gaming accessories that we saw and tested here at Digital Citizen are devices made from solid materials, which give you a feeling that they will last a long time.

4. Simple and ergonomic design

OK, there are undoubtedly many people that will not agree with us. :) Design is by definition a subjective matter, and some might like the way a device is "drawn," while other will hate it. Well, we like the way the HyperX gaming accessories look. In general, all of them have a simple design, with classic lines that have already been appreciated by users all over the world. You could even say that they are conservative. Luckily, it is a welcomed conservatorism. There is a limit up to which you can change and introduce new things in what a mouse or its buttons look like, for instance. We like how the HyperX Pulsefire FPS looks and feels in our hands. We like the two simple buttons that are found on its left side, and we do not feel the need for complicated shapes with futuristic looks and poor usability.

The same goes for the HyperX Alloy FPS mechanical gaming keyboard which is one of the simplest and most beautiful keyboards that we have seen. Why would you need a keyboard that has dozens of additional keys for macro functions that very few gamers use? We believe that simplicity is useful, especially in games, when you care only about what it is handy to use to reach your goal. HyperX gives us mechanical keys which are a joy to press, with a simple illumination system so that you can see all the keys easily when you play at night. After all, most gamers are "night owls."

As we just mentioned the love gamers have for night time, we should also mention the headphones that they use. A thing that we appreciated both at HyperX Cloud Stinger and the HyperX Cloud Revolver S headphones was the fact that they are both headsets that are very comfortable to wear. Both have earcups that are very large, so they do not bother you even after long hours of play. It is exactly what you wish for when you play a lot and often, right?


We wrote this article with the purpose to show you why we are so thrilled about the new gaming accessories that wear the HyperX brand name. For us, they represent a "Best Buy" of the present. They are solid devices of high quality, which you can buy at excellent prices. If you like playing, and you are in need of some good accessories, but you do not want to spend a fortune on them, then we recommend that you try a HyperX gaming accessory.