How to insert and edit tables in Microsoft Word for Android

Although complex calculation tasks, chart creation and financial analysis require a fully featured spreadsheet application like Excel, many text documents require tables to adequately structure and present data. Worry not, Android users: Microsoft Word has table support on your favourite platform! Let’s see how can you can use this app to insert and edit tables into your documents:

NOTE: Before going any further, in order to format paragraphs in your document, launch Word and create a new document and enter text, or open an existing one - follow the links for the required steps.

How to insert tables in Microsoft Word for Android

As soon as you have your document open, you will first need to tap the A icon in the menu bar.

Now tap the Home menu item to open up the list of additional menus.

Tap Insert on this list to access the various layout options.

Now tap Table to insert a new table into the document.

The Table menu is now active, and a 3x3 table has been inserted into the document.

How to insert rows and columns in tables in Microsoft Word for Android

Of course you will probably need to alter the table to better suit your needs. To add new rows or columns to the table, tap Insert in the Table menu.

Here you can insert new rows by tapping Insert Above or Insert Below to insert a new row above or below the currently active one.

To insert new columns, tap Insert Left or Insert Right , to insert a new column to the left or the right of the currently active one.

Remember, that if you have a number of rows or columns selected, the insertion commands will insert that many rows or columns in the table. If you don’t have any of them selected, you will get a single new row or column. This is how our table looks after inserting two additional rows and columns.

Deleting rows and columns is just as simple: first tap Delete on the Table menu.

To delete the active column, or the selected columns, tap Delete Columns .

To delete the active row, or the selected rows, tap Delete Rows .

Tapping Delete Table will of course remove the entire table from the document.

How to set table styles in Microsoft Word for Android

Tables don’t have to be simple black-and white cells, you can spice them up with tons of preset and customizable styles! To apply a style, tap Table Styles on the Table menu.

A long list of plain, grid and list table styles will appear: tap the one that suits your table the b est.

If you have applied a style, you can further customize its options. To do so, tap Style Options on the Table menu.

Here you can enable or disable Header Row and Total Row to have the first and/or last row filled with a uniform color, which is great for defining table headers and totals.

Enabling Banded Rows makes the rows have alternating colors, while Banded Columns has the same effect on columns.

First Column and Last Column are similar to headers and totals: enabling them makes the first and/or last columns have a solid, uniform fill.

The last styling option, Repeat Header Rows makes the header row repeat on each page if the table spans multiple pages. Of course you need to turn on the Header Row setting for this to work.