How to block calls and messages from a person, in Android, using free apps

Are you tired of marketers calling you to advertise things you don't need or to ask you to participate in boring, phone-based surveys? Do you have a friend who keeps pestering you with messages? Is your ex spamming you with calls? There can be many reasons why you don't want to be contacted by certain people and if you happen to have an Android smartphone, you can block them with ease. Read our tutorial to learn how can you do this in a couple of simple steps:

NOTE: For this tutorial we used a OnePlus One smartphone running CyanogenOS 13.1.1 based on Android 6.0.1. This distribution is very similar to the stock Android experience, so you should have no problem finding the settings mentioned here. If your device's interface is heavily modified, please refer to the device's user manual or the manufacturer's support website for additional information.

How to block calls from someone with Truecaller

One of the easiest ways to block calls from any number on an Android smartphone is using a specialized app. We recommend Truecaller , that doesn't only let you block calls from any number, but also has some other nice features. You can get Truecaller from the Google Play Store from this link. If you need help installing an app from the Play Store on your Android device, read our tutorial , or check out how to install apps using your browser.

Now let's block an unwanted contact. First, look for the Truecaller icon in the list of your apps and tap it to launch the application.

Upon the first launch, you will be greeted with a welcome screen. Tap Get started to, well… get started.

Truecaller will ask you if you want it to stay connected in the background. If you choose yes, it will be able to identify a lot of unknown numbers when they call you, which is a really useful feature. It uses a bit more battery though, so choose whichever option you prefer.

Now it's time to choose a contact or enter a phone number to block. Tap Search to enter an option.

Tap the text field labeled Enter a name or number.

Here you can enter a phone number or search for a contact from your contact list, either of them works just fine.

Here we looked up a contact: once you have found it, or entered a phone number, tap it in the list below. We named our contact Digital Citizen for demonstrative purposes - please don't block us on the internet. :)

If you opened a contact, it will show its details, if you tapped an unsaved phone number, it will just show that. Now simply tap Block & Report to block all calls from this number or contact.

You will be shown a confirmation dialog box. Tap Yes to confirm blocking the contact

NOTE: This will also mark the number (or all numbers associated with the contact) as spam - if many Truecaller users mark a number as spam, that phone number will be included on a spam list, which helps improve Truecaller services.

On the contact's page you will see that it is marked in red, as a blocked contact. If you change your mind, or made a mistake, and want to unblock the number, just tap Unblock.

Now, whenever anyone tries to call you from the number you have just blocked, all you will get is a notification of the call attempt, but your smartphone won't ring.

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