How to hide the top notch on Android smartphones like Huawei P20, P20 lite, or P20 Pro

Many new smartphones have the front camera integrated into the display, in the form of a notch that is displayed on the top side of the screen. While your smartphone may be beautiful, the notch is plain ugly, and it makes apps and games look bad. Fortunately, if you have a Huawei P20, Huawei P20 lite or Huawei P20 Pro smartphone, you can disable the notch, so that apps and games on your screen look good again. Here how to disable the notch on Android smartphones:

The notch on the top side of your new smartphone may be annoying

By default, the notch is enabled, and it looks ugly. It is the one thing Android smartphones should not have copied from the iPhone X. Take a look at the picture below, which features a beautiful Huawei P20 Pro smartphone. On the left side we have the notch enabled, and on the right side, it is hidden. It is a lot better, isn't it?

Android, smartphone, notch

If you want to disable it, read the instructions in the next section:

How to hide the notch on the top side of your Android smartphone

Open Settings and go to Display.

Android, smartphone, notch

Then, you see a long list of settings. Tap on Notch.

Android, smartphone, notch

The default setting displays the notch on the top side of the screen, right in the middle.

Android, smartphone, notch

Choose "Hide notch."


Android, smartphone, notch

Close Settings and the notch is no longer displayed on your smartphone's display.

Do you hate the notch?

Huawei, ASUS, and other smartphone manufacturers have launched beautiful smartphones with amazing specs. However, they copied the one feature we did not like about the iPhone X: the notch on the top side of the screen. We hate it, and we are glad to see that it can be disabled. Do you dislike it too? Comment below and share your opinion on this "design trend."

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