Give access to a user only to one app, using assigned access in Windows 10

Windows 10’s assigned access is a feature that allows you to restrict a local account to use only a specific app from the Windows Store. Thus, whenever someone signs in with that user account, he or she will be able to use only the application that the administrator has assigned to that account. The user won’t be able to switch or to close the app and the only thing he or she can do, besides using the app, is to lock the device. In this article we will show you how to set up the assigned access feature from Windows 10 and how to disable it when you no longer need it.

IMPORTANT: Before taking any step further, make sure that the local account that you want to restrict has installed the app that you want to assign. Then, you need to login into your Windows 10 device using an administrator account.

How to set up assigned access in Windows 10

For starters, open the Settings app and click or tap the Accounts section.

Next, in the left side menu, choose Family & other users.

In the next window, scroll down until you’ll see a section called Other users. There, click or tap the “Set up assigned access” link.

In the “Set up assigned access” window, press “Choose an account”.

Then, select the local account that you want to restrict. In our case, we chose the account named John Kennedy.

Next, click or tap “Choose an app” , in order to select the application that you want to assign to the user account that you have selected earlier.

You will see a list that contains only the available apps that are installed from the Windows Store. For illustration, we will select the OneNote app.

Now, the “Set up assigned access” window should look similar to the picture below.

Now everything is configured. All you have to do next, is to restart your Windows 10 device, in order to apply the changes. Then, sign into the local account selected before. After the login, the application that you assigned to that local account immediately start s in fullscreen mode.

How to sign out from an assigned access user account

If you want to to sign out from an assigned access user account, you need to press the Ctrl+Alt+Delete keyboard combination . In OneNote , you can also click or tap the lock from the upper left corner.

Please keep in mind that this lock icon might not be available in some apps.

How to disable assigned access in Windows 10

If you want to disable the assigned access feature for a user account, follow the same steps as for enabling it: open the Settings app, click or tap the Accounts section and choose Family & other users. Then, cli ck or tap the “Set up assigned access” link. In the “Set up assigned access” window, select the restricted account for which you want to disable assigned access.

Then, click or tap the “Don’t use assigned access” link.

Now, the account has no restriction and you can use it just as you would normally do.


At first glance, you might think that you will never use the assigned access feature in Windows 10. But we believe that you will find this feature very useful when you will need to put your device in the hands of a child and the only thing he or she wants is to play Candy Crush , for example. Also, this feature is useful in shops, airports and other places where you want to give access to certain people but only to a certain app on your Windows 10 device.

Tell us what you think about this new feature from Windows 10: Did you try it? How do you use it?