6 replies on System requirements: Can my computer run Windows 11?

  1. Ron says:

    Your article is the first one that includes the CPU list, or at least the highlights.
    Personally I would put that at the TOP of the requirements, and at the top of the article.
    It is the simplest requirement to confirm, so you don’t have to fuss with spelunking into your system to figure out if you have TPM or whatever else.
    There are still LOTS of new business class, and “High end” / “gaming” computers and laptops being sold that are NOT i8. I guess it is a good thing for them that business and gaming computer are on a comparitively short turn around / life cycle.
    Bottom line, any home user who wants to keep their computer for more than 5 years (or less) is going to have to be careful to buy a fully Win 11 compatibility.

    • Codrut says:

      I’m glad you found this article useful!

    • Ciprian Adrian Rusen says:

      Thanks for the feedback Ron. When we will update this article close to the Windows 11 launch, we will do as you advise. Appreciate1


    I’m not sure what to think. The cycle seems to be patch one flaw and another is exposed, is this going to change anything? Economically isn’t it those least able to afford to casually purchase a new machine who’ll take the biggest hit? I doubt there’s anyone in the whole Microsoft ecosystem who could identify with them. Maybe the B&M Gates Foundation should donate a new Win 11 computer to every inner-city child? That might help sceptics like myself believe security is the true motivation behind this heavy handed move.

  3. Andrew Goodenough says:

    Useful article, thanks. To me, the ‘improvements’ seem minimal. The new requirements are FAR too strict. My (fairly new) PC does not seem to have this chip, and I don’t want a Microsoft account. I do not want or need a new PC, my present one works well. I can save money by simply installing Linux. Mint has everything I need except Word macros, so that’s the only problem to solve.

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