30 replies on Windows 11 sucks: 7 reasons why you may not like it

  1. Dave P. says:

    Is MS on the way to creating a Win 8 or Vista scenario, where most folk thought they were both rubbish or are they going to listen to early adopters’ messages?

  2. Names says:

    Fusion: Windows Vista + Windows 8
    Windows 11 !!

  3. MerryMarjie says:

    Has it ever occurred to Microsoft that not everyone wants to “upgrade” and completely change the way they operate a computer every few years? I haven’t installed Windows 11 yet, and may not for some time as I’m finally getting rid of the Edge and One Drive defaults for everything. It seems every time I change a default area, Microsoft changes it all back again.

  4. Jay says:

    That stuff is superficial. I’m having real issues with Windows 11 like the Bluetooth dropping and “system” randomly keeping the CPU usage at 25%.

    • Ciprian Adrian Rusen says:

      From our experience, Windows 11 seems like a rushed product with diverse bugs. It is a wise decision to wait for a couple of months until you make an upgrade.

  5. Biggus Dickus says:

    Valentin-Gabriel Radu should get the Nobel Prize (restores Windows 10 taskbar and Quick Launch to Windows 11):

  6. Estudiante says:

    I hate Windows 11 because Microsoft.

    Remember when Microsoft promised that there would be no new operating system after Windows 10? Now W 11 is being foisted on us.

    Windows 11 is the last straw; I’m switching to Linux!

    Also, try to change the password to your Microsoft account…it’s virtually impossible to do!

    F*** Microsoft! F*** Windows!

  7. ax says:

    It literally took 30 clicks to set my default browser to Chrome that used to take 1.
    I hate the centered task bar. That was the first thing I changed.
    Then I got to the Start Menu. It is so bad it’s almost 100% useless. Just when Windows 10 Start Menu allowed me to neatly organize all my apps and remove every single shortcut from my desktop, Windows 11 is going to force me to put a shortcut to every app I have back on the desktop cluttering it all up again like it was with all the Windows before 10.
    That is a huge deal for the way I setup all the users computers in the company I work.
    Just trying to setup my new computer is a major pain due to the lack of customizing for pretty much everything.
    I don’t care for the rounded corners. I’ve had it crash on me several times already. No blue screen, just black. The settings icon is in the Start menu just like any app that can move all over the place. That will be huge pain in the ass whenever I’m trying to talk someone through getting to a specific setting when doing tech support over the phone. What’s worse is it can be removed from the Start Menu altogether. It’s 100% guaranteed, some user will delete it and dig themselves into a deep hole and can’t find it and won’t know how to search for it. It’s really setup for you to search for pretty much anything you want to use. Want to open Word, type it in first, then click, Want open Chrome, type it in first, then click, what a colossal waste of time. I mean the
    Start Menu only allows you to see 18 icons at one time, with little to no organizing to them at all. Heck the entire Settings windows is just effed up.
    The more I talk about it, the more I want to dump Windows 11 and go back to 10 and wait for Windows 12.

  8. Damian says:

    agreed if i wanted an Apple i bought one. I liked live tiles, even click Microsoft news only because its a LIVE TILE, i’m sorry people didnt like Window Phone but they MFST don’t have to completely kill themselves because of it. was looking forward to implementing Live Tile nicely as an app developer i guess its depressingly suicided already. I had recently Bought a surface laptop Studio for big $$$ to debug android apps ..but find emulator with hardware Accel is totally broken out of the box, and everyone experiences it. unbelievable for a company with such resources.. im sure it will be fixed but um theres some big decision makers should shush in there, always the a*holes get their way.

  9. Brian says:

    Windows 11 SUCKS! My WIFI keeps dropping out and my blue tooth headphones drop frequently, had none of these problems with W10.

  10. Mikko Mansikka says:

    Reason I don’t like is all in the above.
    More to mention, clock on taskbar shows ONLY in main display. When main display shows fullscreen applications, games as example, I cannot see clock even as I am using multiple monitors.

    Start menu is too small and cannot increase size of it, like on the Windows 10.

    There become some odd visual effect when reading web sites – suddenly during reading web sites the screen gets darker and when I move cursor it becomes back to normal. Some moment later it happens again. I guess it’s meaned to make reader easier but that is very annoy visual effect.

  11. Tom Michels says:

    Ditto to all the above. It took forever to install and it took me 5 minutes to return my computer to Windows 10. Microsoft designers are asleep at the wheel. They didn’t learn the last time that you can’t keep moving our cheese. I will not be changing to Windows 11. Basically Windows 11 sucks.

  12. Jim says:

    So bad I barely know what to say. Can Bill come out of retirement, fck the planet just fix Windows for us please!

  13. Billster says:

    Awful OS, performance robber and a way oversimplified GUI. My computer felt slower, lags when I would a program that never lagged in 10 … I just felt like my 11th GEN Intel i7 was performing more like a 6th GEN i3 under Win 11. The GUI? Not fun to use. Hate it. Start menu is useless, difficult to use effectively, frustrating, loss of control and customization, terrible looking GUI command graphics even down to the copy and paste commands are now simplified unlabeled generic icons and they’re not even good looking icons at that. Reinstalled Win 10 and my laptop is better looking and is fast again.
    MS leadership slaps the user in the face as nitwits by controlling what they think we want to see as we pay for their product. It’s backward. I reverted back to 10 since I liked it much better than 11. If 11 isn’t replaced by a true upgrade to 10 by keeping its features while making it more appealing and customizable, then when 10’s service life ends, we need to seek an alternative OS again to force a business to concede to the wants of its paying customers.

  14. Tom says:

    All the reasons listed above correlated with my own experience but, in addition I noted a couple of other issues that just peed me off:

    a) Performance was notably slower on my system which is a AMD Ryzen 7 laptop with 8 cores and 16GB of RAM
    b) I change my screensaver settings multiple times a day (hey, it’s my person workflow quirk and I’m entitle to it) and in Windows 10 this was a quick and seamless process. In Windows 11 however it is slower to make the change but in addition when I do the whole taskbar disappears and refreshes (quite slowly) and a few times my computer has frozen for a period of time.
    c) Not only does the taskbar lack customisability (as mentioned above) but apps which don’t fit on the taskbar simply fall off with no way to access them. Fortunately I have large external monitors and so could still see some of these but on my laptop screen which is smaller I lost access to key program. I tried setting the taskbar icons to their smallest size using registry settings but this didn’t help because although the icons did become smaller the space between them remained the same and so in effect I couldn’t squeeze any more program icons onto the taskbar.

    Seriously, its the XP-Vista fiasco all over again. How could they get it so wrong. I really wanted to like it but is sucks.


    • Ciprian Adrian Rusen says:

      Thanks for sharing your experience. Did you receive the latest updates that fix some of the performance issues on AMD Ryzen processors?

  15. J. says:

    Excuse my typos, I can not use moible keyboards very well.

  16. Michael says:

    I 100% agree with everything in this article. I got here trying to figure out how to get the time to show on my second monitor.

    There are so many additional reasons why W11 is garbage. For example, I use dark mode on everything, but some menus (even within the same program) still show up white for no reason.

  17. Dan says:

    One thing – always this one thing – microsoft – PLESE leave the options we had before …and stop forcing your (mostly stupid) new ideas…. after every new version we have LESS CONTROL, LESS OPTIONS, LESS PLEASANT UX – and fighting YOU to leave us in peace with older versions :/

  18. Marc says:

    1) TPM 2.0 and processor selection : obligation to spend a lot of money for new PC and a lot of electronic garbage by dumping your older PC .
    2) Discrimination between Win Home users and Win Pro concernig the account choice (local or microsoft) !
    I hate Microsoft for this !!!!

  19. Jim G says:

    I agree with all of the above and want to add my hatred for the “new and improved” Slim pen 2. There are no options for softer tips, and the hard plastic tip feels like writing on glass with a ball point pen. Ridiculous not to have a range of softer tips available to customize the feel of the pen. That is the main reason artist type pay so much for the Surface line, and they take away the Tablet mode and pen tip options. NICE IMPROVEMENTS! What happened to our right to choose? It’s my computer / freedom of choice and all the other buzz phrases they preach but don’t practice.

  20. Jimbo Slim says:

    I went back to 10 because they dropped the ability to run slideshow from file explorer. Yes I know Photos has o e but it’s a lot more difficult to set up and run it there. Why not just leave that feature there for those that want it? Clearly MS will never learn that taking away functionality is not a good representation of progress or evolution.

  21. Kerim says:

    I totally agree with 3 and 4. I’ve been using taskbar on top for years, maybe for a decade and now, it is stuck at the bottom. There are ways to take it back to the top but it needs registry-editing and even then, there’d be several bugs. I wonder why? Why cannot I move the taskbar to the top? How primitive is that for an OS???

    And number 4, the start menu. It is a great disappointment. I liked the metro-style start menu of Windows 10. I’m a heavy PC user, so I use numerous programs and I used to order them in Windows 10 Metro, especially in folders. Win 11’s start menu’s quick access area LACKS FOLDER. AND I CANNOT EVEN RE-ORDER ICON ALPHABETICALLY. Everything is so random there that it feels… it give headache.

    I’m sad.

  22. Microsoft hater says:

    They keep moving stuff around? Where I once thought I new what I was doing. I haven’t a darn clue? Which seems to be their goal? I’m almost positive. This is were they’re trying to get to. Intern makes the users spend more money. Take this thing somewhere or sale it. I don’t want widgets. You cant uninstall widgets from apps or programs? Even after disabling them in settings. They’re still running in processes? You have to go to the terminal to uninstall them? I never installed and would never. They were not useful. The last time. They were on Windows. I’m willing to bet. They’re not useful for me. Maybe someone else. However they can install them. I like my computer to be simple and you’ve made exactly opposite. 2 places to do updates. I cant even figure out how to uninstall app at times. I’m pretty sure I removed a couple of them. Only to find out they have reinstalled themselves? I started on Windows 95 and Windows 7. Id like to stay. Microsoft keeps making more complicated. I have nothing positive to say about this OS at all. Leave my start menu on left. Don’t install any apps “widgets” without asking me. Don’t make any exemptions in my firewall without asking me. Then explaining why this exemption is needed. I’m customer but what sucks is you know. There is no other OS to go to. So keep you just keep doing whatever you want. Let ole karma come back.

    • Microsoft hater says:

      This isn’t what I wrote either. I went over this several times. I know for a fact. Your trying to make me look incompetent. “So keep you just keep doing whatever you want”. This sentence right here. I know for fact. I didn’t write it this way.

      • Microsoft hater says:

        Incompetent or not I know one thing. I dang sure can’t go back to the 150 dollar installation disk I purchased. Without a very frustrating 3 or 4 OS updates. Which in my opinion just makes Windows PC’s annoying to use! I’m real excited about this! :/

  23. Don Groover says:

    The Windows 11 initial setup requires so much more knowledge of terms that should not matter. Back in the earlier days of Windows, ex: Windows 98 was considered by some as one of the most user-friendly versions ever. Now this Windows 11, which was not supposed to be installed on my new Laptop. But as soon as it was able to connect to my Wi-fi, it automatically upgraded to without my approval. Unless you are a Computer Nerd or studied to be a Computer Technician you probably will not know all of the terminology required to do the initial setup. With so many of the people 55 or older buying computers to keep up with their family. Then as people get older and do not learn as easily as when they were younger, they are screwed. Does Microsoft Care??? I suspect not! After Microsoft Buys out their competitors and absorbs their technology into Windows programs, they start to forget that their competitor’s product was usually “User Friendly”. I believe that it is time for a Microsoft Competitor. – – Don

  24. Brian says:

    Absolutely agree. Windows 11 is awful. Hard to believe a company like Microsoft would release such a substandard product.

  25. typhon33 says:

    Number 5 is incorrect, you “can” setup Windows Home with a local account, at least for now. During setup press shift F10, this will bring up CMD window, type OOBE\BYPASSNRO. This will restart the setup process and when you get to section to connect to internet you will have the old option to say you don’t have internet access. This will allow for a local account setup.

    Anyways…I’m encountering other reasons why Win11 sucks, to start, I can’t easily create icons on the desktop! The send to desktop option seems to be gone. Also agree with the missing taskbar options. Just seems a lot of menu options have been removed making customization more difficult.

    • Ciprian Adrian Rusen says:

      Technically, you are correct about number 5 but our point is a different one. If you are a non-technical user, what we say is correct. Unless you read tutorials on the internet, to find the solution, Windows 11 Home will block you from using a local account using only the options shown on the screen.

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