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  1. jasray says:


    The tutorial is fine, but with so many programs available which add Take Ownership in the Context Menu, all one needs to do anymore is a right click, click. The link above provides a reliable program.

    1. Maximilian says:

      In a future tutorial we’ll simplify the things a bit. We will show you how to use such a program or, if you wish an easier way to add Take Ownership in the Context Menu you will be able to download a custom file that adds this option with only one click.

  2. win7user says:

    Guess you have to interchange picture 3 & 10.

    1. Ciprian says:

      Done. Thank you very much for highlighting the issue.

  3. TDesai says:

    I want to set security permissions on a portable hard drive such that data can be read/written only from my accounts that are connected to Windows live. So, if I have accounts on 2 PCs (running Windows 8.1 or 8.0) that are both connected to my Windows Live account, then I should be able to read/write data to the portable disk from those accounts only. No one else should be able to access any data on that portable drive. I added the Windows Live user id and I also modified the permissions for EveryOne to just Listing. But, it does not seem to work. For some reason, on the other PC it only gives me access to the disk as Everyone. So, I can list contents of the folder but cannot read the contents.

  4. Terry says:

    I had multiple wmpnscfg.exe problem so uninstalled as described by the turn on/off feature. Then did a search and found the same file plus a *.mui file dated 2009 so deleted them.. now I cannot reinstall media player 12 on my windows 7, and I cannot restore the 2 files that are sitting in recycle bin as I cannot change permission to put them back!! HELP!

  5. Saksham says:

    Hello and thanks for the article ,,,

    I have just enabled the security option in a folder that contains to many folders with txt documents,pdfs,songs and videos,,,

    while trying to disabling them it creating problems as i have to do it with every single file,,

    can you help to figure it out ,,how to do this at once,,,?????


  6. Eric Meece says:

    “It’s not that hard,” and yet it doesn’t work. I still get the error message. I can’t change or edit anything (like specify album) on the .wav music file that I made on windows vista, and I can’t get permission on windows 7.

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