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  1. Cindy says:

    Not very impressed with the installation of the wps router so far. Have HP computer and Lexmark printer. So far I have taken 3 days to get the printer to recognize the wireless and still don’t have the two communicating so i can print yet. quite frustrating. Got a laptop for Christmas and wanted to get this up and running before i tackled the new HP laptop with Windows 8 on it.

    • Peter says:

      I have a Toshiba laptop, an HP Printer and a Hitron high-end modem from my ISP. The modem does not recognize the printer via the vaunted WPS so I can’t print via my network. I can see the printer with my laptop and connect to it but the printer won’t print anything. All I see is an ‘offline’ printer indication at myy laptop. (I can print wirelessly using my iphone only). This isn’t rocket science and yet I have no joy. Aggravating to the max.

      • Anthony says:

        go to your printer, look at the menu and try to select network wlan connection instead of wireless. I got similar problem, setup wireless connection and try to print using network, not successful

    • John says:

      had similar problem until i discovered hp have a new wireless set up wizard and can now connect 3 computers with different locations its called
      hp iao printer remote
      works like a dream easy

  2. Deependra says:

    WPS feature has more disadvantages than advantages! I rarely use this feature. Have disabled it as my router is vulnerable to 8-digit pin code attack!

  3. Injou says:

    A couple of years I wondered what WPS might mean. I never got to actually finding out. Now that I finally managed to do that, I immediately switched it off. My router had many other utterly idiotic settings as a default. I fixed those too.
    Many thanks for this tutorial!

  4. Garren M. says:

    Thank you so much for the information. It is quite vulnerable to keep on WPS and very insecure.

  5. Phil Jones says:

    My Netgear router has the WPS system that seems to work fine with my HP printers. My primary system is a Microsoft 8.1 desktop and that seems to work fine. I have a problem connecting to an iPadAir that will not connect with the Netgear. Any suggestions?

  6. Myaria says:


    Still debating on using this or not. I’m trying to understand the purpose of it and it seems to be the same thing as a ssid & passkey. I’m looking for some way to temporarily allow Internet to visitors without allowing them to know my pass key or having to change it 7x a month. I already have my ssid invisible so I don’t think this would be a good idea. -.-* if you can point me in the right direction I would greatly appreciate it.

  7. Robert says:

    I have windows vista dell inspiring 1521. When I press wps on the router then try to connect on the laptop it still asks for the key. I have found no options in the laptop to use the wps pin like I have on my phone. Can someone help please?

  8. Adi kumar says:

    That was described excellent about What Does Wifi Stand for

  9. Max says:

    Isn’t it incorrect to say WPS “is not compatible” with OS X? I use Macs exclusively and have never had a problem with WPS. Since WPS is a device to device routing protocol, doesn’t every OS simply see a WPS device (in my case, an extender) as simply another access point to an existing network? I’ve never seen it be any kind of issue.

  10. Todd says:

    Its insecure, therefore pointless! I would never use WPS! I would always make sure my router is configured to not use WPS, and would rather buy a product that doesnt offer it at all.

  11. Allan Moore says:

    identify what data is exchanged and stored by the client(eg printer, wifi camera) and the router

  12. Bryan says:

    With the vulnerability of this standard, I chose not to use WPS. Rather straight forward; sacrifice security for convenience. I would rather stick with security.

  13. cindy petty says:

    I can’t get this thing to work

  14. cindy petty says:

    I can’t get this thing to work

  15. Whosup says:

    Yes, I found my WPS device to be very user friendly.
    I do not, however, feel THAT secure. Not as secure as mi IP address provider’s security.
    As you mentioned earlier, if a hacker really wanted my info. It isn’t that difficult to acquire. As whom or what really IS SAFE, if the hackers really want in!
    “N O T!”
    Thank your for this forum.
    All this means is. NEVER put anything out there, if you question its safety. If yu never question its safety, you will be deserving your punishment!

  16. Petr says:

    How to protect others from connecting to my network at the moment after I press the wps button?

  17. Jenty says:

    Thanks to the info on your site, I have left the WPS inactive for security reasons. SSID and Password connection simple and controlled, no contest!

  18. Eric Broke says:

    I had a wifi router to which Ive lost the password and as I didnt know how to change the password myself I had to wait the technican to arrive, meanwhile I needed to access the internet to download a very important file, here was the great benefit of WPS

  19. Tsegayie says:

    Very helpful

  20. Netrider says:

    Initial wi-fi setup was almost automatic. Then, going into the security features led me to a choice for leaving the WPS function activated. I selected to disconnect the WPS function.

  21. Aniket Bhandarge says:


  22. Jazzy Hawk says:

    After reading this article I turned WPS off due to security risks. And also we never use it!

  23. Glen says:

    In some cases WPS button doubles as reset/reset to default button.. very dangerous when this is the case…push the button for too long and big problems…

    • Imran says:

      Yeah I have face the problem on tanda router . The button call eps/rat. I don’t have the password so i was thinking to push but I was in doubt this time. And you ma make me clear. Thanks a lot brother.

  24. Joe says:

    Unless I’m misunderstanding the WPS concept if my router is WPS enabled wouldn’t my neighbors or anyone near my frequency be able to connect to my internet for free?

  25. gao says:

    button was lite after installing new router, then needed to reboot to add a device and light never came back on…was concerned about it and came across this article…now am glad and not concerned and plan to leave it disabled.

  26. Mojtaba Rezaeian says:

    Yes I turn it off. Thank you for your great article informing about WiFi Protected Setup in details.

  27. Kiran says:

    It is very painful to enter the wifi password using the tiny touchscreen on my Epson printer. I have used WPS on my AT&T BGW210 router and connected my printer and it worked great.

  28. Roger Tanquist says:

    HP Laptop quit Communicating with wireless HP Printed. When all else failed we removed the printer and attempted to add it. Can’t get past the demand for the WSP which I cannot locate on the router.
    After multiple hours, I still can’t print

  29. Patricia Hayes Hall says:

    Info was comprehensive, beneficial and easy to understand.

    • Anonymous says:

      I’m glad that you found it that way. 😉 Do not hesitate to subscribe to our newsletter for more useful content.

  30. Jay says:

    How does WPS facilitate the transfer of streaming data from a network repeater to device(TV) given that device already had key and was receiving data intermittently?

  31. cynthia ray says:

    i did not know i had to buy a wireless router. I hope it helps with hackers.

  32. Joanne D says:

    I have been trying to figure out why I have gone from a max of 5 gigs of data used per day to 30-50 per day in the past month. I have the Archer C1200 shown in the article and I appreciate your explanation of WPS and showing where to find the WPS info online. I’m still confused in that I had to sign into the router with my Firestick and phone after changing my password. I guess it explains why I didn’t have to sign in with my internet TV and PC. I don’t understand the point of having WPS if it’s easy to hack it. I am going to disable it because I assume I can still require a password.

  33. Alex Kassir says:

    Yes I have a tablet have WPS but I try to connect and I cannot in any way and don’t know watt to do if any one can help me? Just contact me some how

  34. Stewart says:

    The way your article says WPS works is the way I always assumed it works – problem is, I have *never* managed to make it work at all. I am still asked for the password every single time.

  35. KELLIE says:

    I was looking for radiation out put from my modem, as i do not trust wifi, and my modem has WPS on it!
    I found nothing addressing it.

  36. Lawrence Smith says:

    I have not used wps because I assumed wrongly that its set up was complex.

  37. Arthur says:

    After reading your article about WPS i have switched it off thanks good information appreciated.

  38. Rachelle says:

    I would like to connect my tablet to internet using WSP on current Modem… How do I do this? The modem is Century link…
    Thank you for reply…

  39. fred kersten says:

    WPS on a remote slave router does not connect into the mother router

  40. Chuck says:

    Thanks. That was very helpful.

  41. Don Birdsall says:

    Very informative article,
    Unfortunately I wasted several frustrating hours trying , by trial and error, to connect my wireless printer to the old fashioned simple way of selecting a network and entering the password.
    This new standard fixes what was not broken to begin with..

  42. jack kenish says:

    WELL it seems good to find a site where something is explained by a person that appears ” to know what they are doing ” or not passing me on !!
    My problem is i can’t transmit from the internet ( wifi) to my HP 3830 printer and I was instructed my WPS-PIN was missing and i could find it on the back of the printer. NO SUCH LUCK . I will check my router/modem per this article. I will contact you when i get back ( about a week ) please ack.. jack
    NOTE i did some work apl using INTEL mcs multiprocessor techniques.

  43. Dennis D says:

    My router as no WPS button on it., I Have a 4K stick my smart TV and it as generated a eight digit code for my stick what can i do to enter the pin number?

  44. Kathy says:

    Yes DEFINETLY, WPS is a troubled wireless system. You never know when your calls will go through to the other person. Sometimes, they sound so far away and faulty. They are DEFINETLY slow too. There is no such thing as high speed internet service, when you live in the out in a remote country area. The service is slow….

  45. John Mayer says:

    It seems that when I used wps to connect a router extender, the wireless printer stopped working from a windows 10 device. Tried to reconfigure but still cannot find the printer.

  46. alyzon says:

    did not know about this but think i will disable WPS

  47. Leroy says:

    Thank you !
    All this time ive been so entimidated by the whole process of network configuration, LOL.
    Look at me Gibson.

  48. Gabrielle says:

    Great article! Helped me very much!

  49. Uwe Dippel says:

    I wonder about WPS.
    I have a very silly device that allows to connect solely by WPS. Stupid, I know.
    Now it is connected.
    Question: Is this now a secure connection once I turn off WPS on the access point? That is, is a WPS a once-in-a-lifetime thingy, connects in future (which it does) and also connects securely in the future once WPS is disabled?

  50. Greg Taylor says:

    Thanks for this. I was looking for basic info like this to understand why I would even want WPS enabled on my home network. Given the info here (and that the code is only two sets of four digits) I think I’ll disable it. There isn’t a reason I can think of that someone would waste their time hacking my network, on the other hand it closes another potential gate

  51. Zain says:

    Pls..Android 10 version this app without root use pls fast next update waiting this all ????

  52. Robert says:

    Your explanation was clear. I followed the steps and it worked for our wireless printer. My modem has a WPS button and WPS Pin. We pressed the button on the modem, then entered the PIN in the printer.

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