4 replies on 7 ways to share files and folders from File Explorer (in Windows 10 & Windows 8.1)

  1. L. David Roper says:

    There is no share button in the ribbon of my file explorer in Win 10.

  2. Charles Hoes says:

    As far as I can determine, Explorer in Windows 10 is broken. It allows the first computer on that network that boots up to “see” the shared files on the other computers, but all the rest do not have this ability. It can be changed by rebooting in a different order, then another computer gets to select. Clearly the network and the sharing are set up correctly because any of the computers can have this ability, just not at the same time. This started to happen immediately following the last automatic updates from Microsoft.

  3. NameChristian says:

    Doesn’t show the most basic, to extract where a mounted disc is pointing.

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