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  1. Ankur says:

    Is it similar to Hitman Pro Alert or MBAM Anti Exploit ?

  2. cal says:

    Heimdal support is not good. Upon installation, on 2 pc’s, it blocked http://www.reimageplus.com. It reported to me in a file that it is blocking a bad website: cdnrepl.reimage.com. It has blocked reimageplus.com six times.

    I complained and got 2 messages that “reimage.com” is not blocked.

    I complained and was told to try turning off the directories in the menu. Reimageplus then ran ok several time, but this week it was blocked again on my HP from qvc.

    I loaded Heimdal on my surface pro and reimageplus got blocked. I turned off the H directories, and then had to go to startup files to turn them off when booting.. Reimage then ran.

    Heimdal’s latest email was in broken english and not very clear, but it stated that reimageplus.com was NOT blocked. And it stated that it was blocking reimage.com.

    They stated that reimage.com was a compromised domain and reimage support had to clean it up before it would not be blocked.

    I am no tech. My program uses reimageplus.com and it is one of my best utilities to clean up my pc. I have a reimage tech call friday at 10 am, but can they do anything to help here if they can’t control their database?

    • Keith Erickson says:

      I have always found Heimdal’s Tech Support to be good, although I haven’t had the problem you have had (see comment below). The only thing about this software that is in any way lacking is the big check mark on the program’s main screen. I didn’t know that if you move your mouse over it, it changes to “SCAN”. Other than that, I’m really happy with it. (I made this reply in the interest of you being notified that I tested the website you’re having a problem with) I don’t think you can find another program exactly like Heimdal Pro. If there are any, let’s hear about them!

    • ChinghissKhan says:

      REIMAGE is utter JUNK!

  3. Cal says:

    PS. Article on Heimdal is very good. It clarifies what I thought it was meant to do, running along side a virus program and not conflicting, and adding security. I hope to be able to install it on 4 pc’s, and got extra licenses from a package/xtra year deal they recently offered.

  4. Keith Erickson says:

    As far as problems with blocked websites, I have had none like the one you are referring to. My experiences have been totally positive. I don’t use it, but I tried going to reimageplus.com and Webroot SecureAnywhere blocked it immediately. I looked up what websites have been blocked in Heimdal Pro’s Activity Reports, and reimage.com was listed. My computer displays a screen from Webroot (that says “Suspicious attack ahead”), so I have to check with Heimdal to be sure, but rimageplus.com was not listed. Secunia SeureAnywhere went on to say (about reimageplus.com) “This is a high risk site. There is a high probability that you will be exposed to malicious links or payloads.” I’m going to request a website review from Webroot. Hope this helps…

  5. Corinne Larimore says:

    I would just like to add I had a terrible experience with Reimage Plus and my Malwarebytes 3.0 automatically blocks it. So if you’re basing your decision on Reimage Plus, please don’t as I know for a fact Reimage Plus has relationships with companies of which one company actually got me on Identity Theft, and Reimage Plus was the company that referred me to this company. So you can’t tell me they didn’t know the company’s history and/or if they didn’t, they need to do a lot more research into the companies they align themselves with. Let’s just say if I had never heard of Reimage Plus, I would not have been hit by Identity Theft. You really need to question any company you give your financial information to, and further, even though they denied any involvement, they refunded my money. Food for thought.

    • Peter says:

      Reimage has been blocked by many virus / security programs. Having owned one at one point I can only agree. Tweaking.com Pro is solid, transparent and it not blocked.

  6. Makarand says:

    There used to be a product GesWall which died down, is it similar to that?

  7. Sam says:

    I have been using Heimdal Pro for about a year along with Bitdefender and the free version of Malwarebytes (it can detect and delete PUPs when I run a scan). I’ve had no problems and it does a good job of alerting me of needed updates. At the very least it does no harm and at the best it is stopping bad guys before they ever get to me.

  8. Jimbo says:

    Great product! It has blocked me several times from attacks in the last 4 months I’ve had it. Very pleased with this app.

  9. joe zaza says:

    The price is far too high! USD 74.96 / year, for what this “security product” can do! You can find a better option for free !!

  10. John Goodmoore says:

    Super cool product! I just got upgraded to their THOR security suite and it’s even better! I can highly recommend it.

  11. Lawrence Moroni says:

    considering purchasing a Heimdal Thor Premium Home license?

  12. Geoff Pearce says:

    I have used Thor Premium home for 2 years now and have been impressed. I initially had problems getting it to scan on demand, but after negotiations with their support team and enabling them to access my system remotely, I have not since had this issue and renewed it. it has successfully blocked viruses from entering on my system. Utilising Gibsons “Shields up” testing, all my ports are stealthed something I was not able to achieve using Bitdefender, which I had been using earlier. I do not worry about how long scans take, but the impact on my system has been negligable. Currently it serves my needs the best. The only downside I can think of is that it neither offers nor supports VPN and I had to uninstall my previous VPN as it would not work with Thor.

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