5 replies on Reviewing The ASUS EA-AC87 Media Bridge/Access Point

  1. Marie says:

    Excellent article! I like the way you described everything in a step by step format. I found the information useful and helpful in deciding to use this device.

  2. justin says:

    Hey thanks for the great review and I think this is the product for me.

    I do have a question though, you mentioned that this AP is connected to the router using the 1.5m wire provided? I do not see a lan port for this? I thought all 5 lan ports in your photo are for devices, say 5 laptops that need internet connection can connect to this AP. And usually, say on a router, we have 5 usable ports, and then 1 extra which is usually made a small distance away from the 5 that connects to the internet (ie connects to router provided by ISP).

    What I need in my home a “wired” access point. The lan wire connects to a lan port in my home (which connects to the isp router), the other end to the access point. This access point then broadcasts the signal.

    Hence is this product suitable for me or did i read the review wrong?

    • Andrew says:

      You can use any of the 5 ports to connect wired to your router (or other AP), so unlike older models which had a single dedicated port, on the EA-AC87 all ports work all ways.

  3. Ole M says:

    I purchased this to use as a media bridge. Installation was a breeze and the immidiate performance was amazing. However after having it now for 4-5 days, I see that it is not stable at all. Communication slows down and connected units get timeouts and eventually the unit may reboot itself or I do it manually to get the communication back again. After reboot it works fine again for some hours. Not easy to find out why this happens, because when it hangs the unit’s GUI is not accessible and http://www.digitalcitizen.life/node/1518/comments after a reboot the system log entries are cleared. I searched for new fw, but apparently ASUS has ended support for the EA-AC87… I will return this for a refund and another better one. Anyone that can recommend me one that is stable?

    • Ole M says:

      Just forgot to mention that during the time (5 days) I have owned the EA-AC87, I needed to reboot the unit 1-2 times every day to get it working. For information, the unit is placed approx 12 meters away from my router (TP-Link C3200) and the signal in is very good (3/4 Leds). Link speed is normally on 980 Mbps. The link runs on a dedicated 5 GHz from my router on channel 52 and I have checked with Wifi Analyzer that there are not interfering Wifi AP around ch 52. Suggestions for a good and stable media bridge are appreciated.

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